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Fixing flaking clear coat

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  • Fixing flaking clear coat

    Ive got clear coat flaking off on my drivers door, so i bought some spray on clear coat and as fair as i have been told i should sand with some 800 around where its flaking and get rid of the flaking clear coat and then spray on a couple of layers and it should be all good and dandy.

    Does this sound about right, any Tips?

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    It can be a bit hit and miss as to how well this will work

    What colour is your car?


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      its white 040


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        does it definitely have a clear coat? some whites are solid colours


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          it never looks the same but white is good .. i would respray the hole door with a one coate touch up paint .. the clear coat is never glossy so do the one coat paint .. i did my door with spray cans and the clear is never glossy so i painted my spoiler with touch up paint where you dont need clear .. it looks so much better :P

          there is lots of ways to do it .. do what you think is best .. theres realy no wrong way just diferent results :P


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            Thats the problem area, i believe its clear coat because you can see the difference in the colours and when it flacks off it is fairly clear. The cars paintwork being 25+ years old is fairly faded so its not terribly shiny anymore.

            Im painting my test/spare mirror in the stuff now so ill post up a photo of that to see how it fairs


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              It is clear coat, I picked up my Mum's car this weekend to do a minor service and the roof is doing exactly the same thing, same white code too! (coincidence!?!) fortunately it is the roof so I can just tape up the rest of the car to spray it.
              I heard about the same regarding the 800grit and respraying with clear, but you would have to do the whole door to keep it consistant.
              Im going to give it a shot myself so we can compare notes on how it flairs out!


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                Did 3 coats on my old mirror and i thought it came out quite well minus the very very crap paint that i sprayed it on ( i test everything on this mirror before i do it on the car).

                was smooth and quite shiny.

                The soups door is seperated top and bottom by a black plastic strip, so i think ill just do above the strip where the issue is.

                Is there any tips about removing the clear coat without damaging the paint?


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                  You can "scuff" the door twice with 3M red scuff pads and respray only the clear coat. Make sure you scuff especially well around the "lost" clear coat edges. Wash it well with a good dish washing liquid and mask up the door and shoot two 'dusting' clear coats, then one 'wet' coat. It'll look great and you don't have to pay for a full sanding down to the color coat kinda paint job.


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                    i painted the top of my door two .. it was seperated buy a trim pice and it looks ok but not great .. i was a bit upset how it turnd out. the paint was water based.. the same one they used to fix drift damage .. it is ok but not the best .. i did every thing right and its not that glossy .. but white is a good color to practice on .. un like my deep pearl red :/ any way post pics when your done .. hope it works out for you :P