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Thread: Spotted the MOOGaru?

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    Default Spotted the MOOGaru?

    This may sound really weird, and maybe I'm completely wrong here. But I saw a Subaru Forester XT very similar to MOOG's in Devonport today. Lowered like his, and had the same rims. I couldn't see if it had the front lip or not, but I'm pretty sure it did. Mrs wouldn't let me turn around to get a look to see if there was a MCM sticker.

    It probably wasn't him, because why would he be in Devonport, Tasmania? Its a long shot, but I just wanted to confirm otherwise it'll annoy the crap out of me if I don't know lol

    Disregard, they're at a meet in NSW this weekend. I'm going crazy, must've just been a similar looking one.
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