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Thread: My Custom Camper Van

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    Default My Custom Camper Van

    Ok this is my daily van so it can't be of the road for long so first things first I have done alot to the van here is a list
    • Add side marker lights high and low ones
    • Add roof lights like the truck in usa
    • Extra back lights above the back door
    • A flashing beacon
    • Yellow spot on the A bar
    • Roof lights
    • Extra reversing light which are working lights too
    • Reversing camera hooked up to a 10" LCD colour screen
    • Some good speakers and cd player (going in the bin cause i got better)
    • Wind deflectors
    • Made car seat covers fit my seat
    • Did the camper van conversion
    • Electric windows
    • There is more but I can't remember them

    What you think

    More pictures and info later ono

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    Needs Pedobear stickers to complete the transformation
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    Ya i think the girlfriend would be a bit upset if i had that on it she already hate been seen in it
    Got another picture of it on ramps note the blue door it had a window my red one didn't

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    That is so boss. Good luck! Needs 50 subs in the back

    G oes
    O ff
    L ike
    F ireworks

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    ditch the lights, get some alloys, tint the windows, paint the side door and polish the heck out of the body and it'd start to look ok

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    screw polish and paint...if you got a lot of money and time. i reckon sticker bomb the WHOLE car and clear coat over the top of it lol.

    looks nice tho man
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    Ok polishing is a no go paint gone way to far for that also driver side is badly marked i didn't do it. Alloys are hard to come by for a transit but i have a set of 16" steel wheels of a land rover that need to be re-drilled to fit.

    When i got it early last year it needed alot of welding new front left arch left step both doors back chassis and alot more

    This is the damage on the driver side near the front its like that all the way back but not so bad now cause
    i painted it with red oxid

    Oddly enough i can only find this pictures of the inside
    A few from the front

    And then the back

    The table

    The beds made

    The free worktops

    My new rims 16" and there wide they fill the rear arch's nicely

    I got all this for 60 out of a car my dad was scraping

    And sticker bomb will be happening on the back doors the plan is to travel the world in it and stick a sticker of every place I've been on the back door

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    Whoa man hold up. Look at those headlights.

    That van looks pissed off. Those headlights look like narrowed eyes and it feels like that van's going to murder someone. Just sayin'.

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    Just for you here is that look at night
    The new toy its big blue also grey a 1995 Toyota Corolla G Touring 1.5L
    When will they see me in space 32 lights on my camper and growing
    My custom built camper
    I have a magic Corsa it turns water into oil and oil into petrol
    My Opel Corsa and Vaxuhall Chevette

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    Lots of pictures showing the work i had to do just to get it road worthy

    Well first thing first was the body work well one wheel arch as started with the help of my dad will get around to the other side and some point

    The home made wheel arch is going I will miss it anyone want to by it ;D

    What it was like behind the home made wheel arch

    I got to play with the air chisel >

    After a few seconds with the air chisel I had this

    Cat making a break for it before the sparks start ;D

    Had to cut the wheel arch to fit

    And more cutting

    Wheel arch all weld up

    Here my dad working on a merc 8-) had to do some welding to the front his using a grinder and having a *** at the same time :roll:

    My dads cortina his been rebuilding for years now on the right in gray

    Its sitting this low

    First of my dads shed nice and warm and lots of shine tools

    My poor little van

    Driver side filler mess

    Bad boy bonnet

    Sheet metal cut and clamped in place for welding

    All weld and filled with filler

    Boat sides done grill back on

    My dad doing the welding the mask is for show his the man who shuts his eyes and hopes he hits the spot

    I had some fun with all the dust

    I picture for all under side work as started that van on the lift I can seat underneath it

    my dads little mig welder better know as MI as it takes no gas as died again he'll fix it again and it might live
    Sliding door sill on and passage door sill done at long last just need a skim of filler and a lick of paint
    Ah my missing bolt

    Safety man is on the job the mask is for show his a close the eyes type

    a lick of paint to stop rust

    And the passage sill welding or the a star being formed

    Fix the air box good buy rope and now my power steering is not leaking any more and Put in the second battery tray

    Had a pock around under neat and I'm shocked to say it was solid as a rock under there so stone chip it Wednesday
    e can you spot something missing in the photo

    I put this back on today had it in the van hanging around so I put it back where it belongs makes the van cleaner looking

    Started the camper van parts today as my dad said I had the BEEP of welding and bang the van
    So did this well empty this first

    I did this a while back wasn't happy with it so is came down sorry to my mate who helped me put it up

    Made a frame to go around the sky light

    and then started to make a frame on the side got this far and my dad had to go fix his car so that ended the days work well evening as he spent all day fixing the welder and starting into space

    Cat found some where to sleep lazy cat still there

    Made up all my sides and there well stuck on went though 2 tubes of a thing that's like tiger seal my dad said better to over do it then have it fall upon you in your sleep

    Two parts of the roof done this stands are handy there for holding up plaster bored

    Making the frames

    This was a hard bit to make as its at the back of the van by the doors note the extra two bits in the middle there for the air vent I'm making to go on the right

    This is where it sits

    All up and waiting for the glue to set

    I ran most of my 240V and 12V wiring the blue wiring is 240v fire proof wiring The black is 12V
    The two plugs wiring on show here

    a big ball of wiring for the fuse box's

    the 240V lights wiring

    My new bulk head

    This is a part of the caravan that me and mate smashed to bits it my vent at the back to allow fresh air into the van parts

    The hole of no return

    Which turned into this

    Inside all boxed in

    By by old floor

    Drying started or a lager room for getting rid of things
    The new toy its big blue also grey a 1995 Toyota Corolla G Touring 1.5L
    When will they see me in space 32 lights on my camper and growing
    My custom built camper
    I have a magic Corsa it turns water into oil and oil into petrol
    My Opel Corsa and Vaxuhall Chevette

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