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NSW Driving test, What's your experience?

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  • NSW Driving test, What's your experience?

    So out of all things in this forum, i have noticed that there are quite a few NSW L plater's apart of our community, me being one of them.

    In around 4 weeks i shall sit my NSW driving test in hopes of gaining my Provisional 1 (red) p platers licence. I have logged the 120 hours (rooughly but all filled in) and have had around 8 months worth of driving lessons from a proffessional (one a week) and am also reading the RTA's "Guide to the diriving test" booklet. Can anyone tell me what the test is actually like? Also share some personal experience about it? Im reasonably confident but if i fail i would'nt be suprised. Im booked for 11am on January as i thought 11am would be a good traffic dodging time.

    PS:Im personally asking in regards to the NSW system for my own benefit, However feel free to share your state/country's scheme as well.

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    Originally posted by Rake
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    Basically you just drive around for 15 minutes. You'll need to do a 3 point turn, a U-turn, and a kerbside stop. They might try and throw a hillstart at you, a ploy against the manual folk. I think that's all, my memory is a little rusty.

    I failed my first one - passing score was 90+, got 89, for debateable reasons. Don't be too upset or surprised if you 'fail' the first go. If anything, expect it - call it conspiracy but it's a cash grab and it helps young kids from getting over excited. 2nd one passed fine, was much less nerve racking having done it before. Didn't help when he gave directions at the last minute. "Turn right here" thanks dickhead, I'm in the left lane, and there's traffic there.

    It will be a little hard, but that's only because L platers don't have, and fundamentally can't get, enough experience to be good at it. I strongly believe your learning happens on your P's. You learn more in the first month of driving on P's than you ever would on your L's. That I can practically guarantee.

    You just have to watch for tricks and pitfalls.
    • Ensure the testing officer puts his seatbelt on. Drive off = instant fail!
    • RTA often puts Stop signs at their carpark exits, run it = instant fail!
    • Hands on wheel at ALL times, unless necessary (gears, indicators etc). No control of car = instant fail (get the drift? )
    • I find RTA Learner spots are often "Nose to Kerb" parking.
    • Ensure your car is roadworthy and in good condition. Make sure it is registered. It's probably best to clean the inside out so you havn't got CDs and iPods and maccas chips everywhere. Ensure all your brake lights, indicators work. When I did mine I almost got told No becuase the towbar tongue was in front of the numberplate (mounted low in the bumper) thus obstructing it. I told him it had been there for the past 15 years and no-one else had ever said anything, so he let it slide, but food for thought. Sure, it's obvious, but people have and still fail for these reasons before even getting in the car.
    • Always headcheck. Twice. Look, look back, indicate, head check again. Exhaggurate it so that s/he knows you did it, break your neck if you have to. Drive as though you don't have mirrors. Changing lanes, leaving kerb, everywhere everytime.
    • Always look left/right at intersections.
    • Scan. Constantly flick your head around to check mirrors and such.
    • Slow down, or ready yourself to slow/stop, if approaching a hazard or somewhere with poor visibility.
    • Watch your speedo like a hawk. Speeding = instant fail. Also, stay a little under - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallax . Be careful though, too little speed can work against you as well. Know the signs.
    • You'll probably never go in any 70+ zones nor need high gears (manual).
    • Always leave proper gaps. 3 seconds moving. When stopped, basically make it so you can see the car in front's tyres just atop your bonnet.
    • Watch for signs. Also, if they ask you to turn right, but there's a "No right turn" sign for example, I'd say refuse the request citing the sign.
    • I'd say drive confidently, not grandma spec. I'd think, or atleast hope, that it looks good if they can see you thinking and making the right decisions.
    • Indicate for atleast 30m. The distance between power or telegraph poles works as a good guide.
    • Of course, know the area. Helps if your local, which I guess is usually likely. Helps a lot if you're familiar with tricky lanes, intersections etc.

    That's all I can think of for now. A quick google turned this up, looks handy: http://driverighttraining.com.au/Driving-Test-Tips.pdf
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      This seem's to be the standard road test guide to follow as literally everything on this list checks in to the guide lines you have to ensure when taking your road test here in Canada. I can't think of any to add except parallel parking and reverse parking. I'm sure you already know how to do both of these but I am going discuss them anyways.

      • Parallel is where you need to drive past the car with your signal light on, then properly place the car no more then a foot from the curb with adequate space in front and behind the cars trunk and hood. When exiting check mirrors and your blind spots with your signal on and drive away.

      • Reverse parking is where you swing out a little to the opposite side of your parking spot with your blinker (checking mirrors and blinds of course) and then just back her in.

      I'm sure someone from oz will see my post and say whether or not this is required when taking your nsw test. If not just follow what rake says, its all standard really and very helpful

      Hope I'm helping and good luck!
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        dude, when you are done with yours, share your experiences. Cause i'll be doing mine soon


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          thanks for the info guys! All very helpful, Keep it coming Upamanyu - I sure will - January 4th
          Spelling mistakes are most likely due to me typing on an iPad.
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          Originally posted by Rake
          MrCelica is all class. Listen to him.


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            AHA Good luck bro


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              Fark, myn was horrible, i went for my auto's and i got this ***** twice and she failed me twice. I passed the 3rd time (3rd time lucky) with a different lady. Not one fault. Anyways i drive a manual although i shouldnt but i refuse to go back to that place, it gives me nightmares, im just hoping i dont get done until im on my greenies.


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                Go into detail!!! LOL i wanna know so i can expect the worst haha & thanks up
                Spelling mistakes are most likely due to me typing on an iPad.
                MR CELICAS TOY!
                MrCelicas Family rides!
                Originally posted by Rake
                MrCelica is all class. Listen to him.


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                  mate i ****ing hate the rta that much tho, theyre all a bunch of depressed ****s who will probably fail you for your money. The bastards are so strict these days on little bullshit things, they should be teaching us how to avoid accidents, or how to gain control of a car when losing control, if these situation were to occur. Actually to go off subject here i also disagree with the automatic and manual licensing aswell as restricting p platers to non turbo cars. For one; a non turbo car can still reach high enough speed to kill yourself or to kill someone else, so really its a bullshit move and two; with the amount of ****ing speed cameras and police cars snooping around these days, you would think the "speeding" issue is regulated.

                  Anyways back to the p's test. Expect these things:
                  1. stop signs
                  2. giveways
                  3. school zones
                  4. curb stop
                  5. either a 3 point turn or a reverse parallel park
                  6. pedestrian crossing
                  7. watch for your blindspot
                  8. watch out for the 3 second gap

                  I got tested for about 40 minutes mate, back a few years ago it used to be 10-15 minutes but once again have gotten more strict and have increased your chance of ****ing up. Although we do 120 hours this factor doesn't seem to phase them either, they expect better. **** em all over.
                  Good Luck and have fun


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                    All the best!
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                      I passed by 1 point, first go.

                      Turn left when the instructor said right, went 40 in an 80 zone (couldnt tell if it was a school zone or not)
                      AND when i did my reverse park i parked SO close to the gutter i couldnt turn my wheels to get out so had to reverse about 20 metres, and drive out slowly with the tyre at barley an angle.

                      Still passed.

                      Basics -

                      CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOTS.
                      As long as you do that, you probably cant go wrong unless something unlucky happens, which happens fairly often.

                      You only have to do TWO 'advance' (LOL) manouvres out of: 3 point turn, a U-turn, Reverse Park and a kerbside stop

                      Different RTA's have favourites they like to test you on!

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                        Passed with 100% whilst incredibly hung over.

                        Piss easy, just don't drive like a knob and make sure you stop at stop signs.

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                          Thanks for the info guys! the test date is fast approaching. Im having pro lessons and driving a fair bit. Pretty keen but not too keen. Would be really nice to pass first go.
                          Spelling mistakes are most likely due to me typing on an iPad.
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                          MrCelicas Family rides!
                          Originally posted by Rake
                          MrCelica is all class. Listen to him.


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                            Just make sure even if you think you've messed up, you don't show it or say it!

                            I thought I buggered up the reverse parallel on my first attempt, turned out it was ok. But on the way back I was feeling apathetic because I thought I'd failed already, and so when I had to park in the RTA carpark I didn't concentrate and the instructor told me to stop. It was only because of being told to stop that I didn't pass the first go!

                            2nd attempt I got a really nice lady and we chatted the whole time about a lot of things and that put me in a relaxed mood and I aced it!

                            So keep your cool and press on no matter what!
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                              Mine went pretty well. I passed first go with 100% (107/107 or something)

                              The examiner was surprised with the way i drove and after the test he was like "you drive like you've had your full license for 10 years"

                              Mind you, I only took an hour with an instructor, which was before the exam just to get a feedback on my driving.

                              Shouldnt be hard..Good luck
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