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    Originally posted by MrKilrwats View Post
    capri's are frikin awsome! my dream car! or a cortina!!!!
    There's a couple of capri 280 brooklands on carsales atm for around $32/35k
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      My dads old turbo technic 2.8 Injection.. One of only a few D regs ones with a black vinyl roof from factory
      (was not a factory turbo technics this was added later on in its life )

      200BHP @ 5,500rpm
      220 Lbf-Ft @ 3,800rpm
      [At the wheels] / 1,188 kg } Year 2000
      Long gone now.

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        Capris are nice, but they are a shit to work on. You have to disassemble a lot of the dashboard just to get the bloody doors off haha
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          87 ford ranger yo.
          With that big bad 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engine. Mhm.
          2wd because it saves the weights...

          Yeah that's my ride, the cheapest, underpoweredest, rustiest truck i could get for zero dollars.

          Clickity Click that bad boy.


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            I've got a '75 Ford Falcon XB GS Fairmont sedan. Had it for a decade.

            Resprayed it, rebuilt motor and box. Still needs piecing back together but I'm in no rush.

            Here's a pic from 2003:

            I do have some more recent pictures somewhere...
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              I have 2 gli falcon wagons, both n/a 4.0L 4 speed auto wagons. One is a 94 ED with 9 seats and pretty much stock. The other is a 97 EL taxi spec with loads of mods. Biggest being custom body kit, split tail gate, custom cai, custom twin exhaust some engine and interior work.
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                Ford thread huh? Yay!

                I have an AU XR6 with three pedals.
                Originally posted by SL1DE
                Rear wheel drive > front wheel drive.
                Originally posted by m3ntyl
                In my town there are two demographics, people with jobs, and people with Commodores.
                Everybody else has a link to their cars, so I'll just put this here:



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                  I had a ford falcon for about 2 weeks did a bit of work to it it ran great stripped the guts out chained the doors closed glued all of the relays in installed my own fuel tank moved the battery where the passanger seat used to go then the night of the demo derby the crank angle sensor went on it i was so sad
                  i will never own a falcon again in my life unless it is an XF

                  but i do like fords i would love a focus rs or even the new fiesta they are pretty pimp
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                    I had a 1984 Ford Fiesta Xr2 this pic was taken just before it was taken to the wreckers!

                    It was already painted I added the wheels and tyres, Blue tints, clear front indicators, Suspension kit and full stainless.

                    I had it when I was 17 many moons ago

                    I loved this car so much I bought another one this was a 1988 same mods as I just swapped everything over

                    I plan on owning another one preferably Turbo`d but for now I`m stuck with my model!!

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