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Online Harassment

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  • Online Harassment

    Mighty Car Mods has always been an open environment for people from all walks of life, with a good sense of humour, to come and discuss cars in a safe environment. This means sometimes the mods will ban users if they are threatening other members or not abiding by the rules of the forum.

    MCM is especially known among the car community as a calm and tolerant forum run by volunteers who strive to keep it a safe place for everyone.

    One of the mods received news recently that someone was impersonating Marty, Moog, Rake and other moderators on an external site. While impersonating them, they incited violence, posted inappropriate material and tried to start fights with another forum. They posted hateful comments towards other users, arguing back and forwards while changing the users names to make it appear that there was a real argument going on. It was actually just one person - someone who was recently banned from the MCM forum and is known to us. Not only was he defaming our forum, he was inadvertently defaming the forum he was posting on. He has also been photoshopping screenshots of the MCM forum and replacing the text to make it appear that the mods were inciting violence. His activities are illegal and prosecutable.

    If you see user names such as 'Marty' and 'Moog' posting elsewhere; assume it is fake. (They do not post as these names anywhere except for here) If you see a name of someone pretending to be a mod, or staff from this show, assume its fake. If you see screen grabs that contain malicious, violent or offensive material, and swearing - they are fake.

    Its important to note that if you have read posts recently on other sites that don't seem like they were written by them, it's because they weren't. If you see this kind of material in the future, then you can quote, or link this thread so its very clear to other readers that the MCM forum and its moderators to not engage with abusive online behaviour.

    * Marty and Moog will never engage with trolling and abusive behaviour
    * Marty and Moog will never incite violence towards an individual or a group
    * Marty and Moog will never join another forum to engage with trolling, start fights or challenge people
    * Marty and Moog will never threaten anyone physically
    * Marty and Moog will not swear at people in their posts
    * Marty and Moog will never compromise the long standing relationships with their fans and sponsors by engaging in aggressive or threatening behaviour

    As a user of this, or another site you need to be aware that you may be breaking the law while engaging in abusive online behaviour such as:

    Impersonating other people
    Spreading Defamatory Rumours
    Inciting Violence
    Sharing photos or information without consent

    Mods on this forum take this behaviour seriously, and if necessary report it. We do not stand for bullying and harassment in any forms here. It is illegal.

    If you feel you are being harassed online, please contact your local police station.
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