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  • Revs check

    Hey guys,

    Pretty much just wanting to do a revs check on a car, and get this message when I add the Vin and rego

    "The Rego Details you entered could not be found in our database."

    And wont let me check the report.

    All the info i'm adding is correct, (even double checked). The plate matches the car (checked on another site), however the vin doesnt.

    This something I should look out for? Something I can do to get the Revs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Stolen plates?
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      Dont think it's that, I've even seen the rego documents. Even old photos of this car with the same numberplace :s


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        do a quick free vincheck on the car here....



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          could it have been a rebirthed car? with bogus vin plates welded on?


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            I've tried that and it says

            XXXXX has not been identified as a vehicle listed in the VINCheckSM Theft Records.


            XXXhas not been identified as a vehicle listed in the VINCheckSM Total Loss Records.

            However it doesnt work on the carhistory website for the full report?


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              Call the RTA. explain the problem. If the vin doesnt match the plates. Walk away!
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                well i guess that's a good start( theft and loss) but it doesnt mention flooding,write offs etc..., but i wouldnt rely on that free one, it's not detailed.
                i dont know why it's not working for you, but I have had the same issue with the car history site... so i called them up and they did the check and emailed it to me.
                could be a system problem with them...
                but in the mean time, try the rta one?
                they all leech from the government's databse anyways... coz they're all 3rd party info distributers i guess. ( revs, carhistory etc...)


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                  Yeah just called the rta, Not stolen or written off. But they cant tell me if it has money owning to the car, which is my most concern.

                  Thanks for the help guys


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                    this one will tell you if there's money owing...( costs money though :'( )
                    http://www.revs.com.au/ (front page check)

                    also, did the rta charge u for the info?


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                      Revs is not used anymore. It is now ppsr. Whats the age of the vehicle?


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                        Try the PPSR website. Same as car history, but only $3.80 from memory.
                        Shows any finance on car, and written off status and any previous insurance claims.
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                          Originally posted by driftpig View Post
                          do a quick free vincheck on the car here....

                          Does that website also recognise aussie vins?
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