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Aftermarket PKE+RFID+Pushstart installtion !?

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  • Aftermarket PKE+RFID+Pushstart installtion !?

    Hey sooo I was wondering if anyone is from Australia, Adelaide? Reason? Would you know any car mechanic(s) (your recommendation) that can

    install a Passive keyless entry and push start system and won't provide an overrated price?

    type 1 overrated price = Damm good mechanic
    type 2 overrated price = ripping youf off lol.

    Also, DIY..I don't think it is easy since I checked out the wire chart that was provided eeek.

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    Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I'm looking to do the same on my wife's 2007 Ford Territory. Were you able to find someone to do the job, or a DIY solution?