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R31 GTS-R opportunity!!

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  • R31 GTS-R opportunity!!

    Hello everyone...

    Check this link out.


    This is a really clean and unmolested R31 so if anyone is interested then you should contact IronMan ASAP!

    PLEASE NOTE: I don't get ANY money from IronChef, AT ALL!!! I want to buy this car myself but I don't have the cash

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    What's POA Mean?
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    Originally posted by MOOG
    I fail at MCM
    Look what I did to MOOG D=


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      Originally posted by lildragon555 View Post
      What's POA Mean?
      Price On Application- It basically means only call if your genuine!!!

      Lovely clean original motor there would have that in an instant!!!
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        I nearly cried when I saw the shots... I LOVE this shape Skyline!

        Although I do like the local R31 square-nose more!


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          love the car, but its not as stock as they make out, exhaust has been changed as well as other things added and removed, though it is pretty neat. stealthy rb20 silvertop would be neat.


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            Is it wrong of me to want to sell my Grandmother for this car ? lol
            Originally posted by MrCelica
            This is true. But i'm the guy that gets into the brawls. You're more of a, drunk uncle..

            Rising Son- Why does the five-o have steelys and alloys??
            Rake- Bling up front, burnouts down back! It's like the car equivilent of a mullet.



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              Originally posted by SkylineR31 View Post
              Is it wrong of me to want to sell my Grandmother for this car ? lol
              Nope, not wrong at all....

              My gran only comes to $1047.53 so I still have to save up lots for a while yet


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                DAY-UM!! That is an absolute beauty!!

                I just hope it goes to a loving home that will keep it as stock as a rock; I'd hate to see that ruined by half-baked mods.
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