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Power Window Episode

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    I gotta say that episode was great. I didn't even realize such a product existed, and I'm glad the episode showed me how something like that was installed. It was great.

    I am slightly disappointed however that all items were not licked before install.


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      i've been wanting to install this on my classic fiat 500, but i don't know if the motor will fit in the door, what is the width of the motor to see if i can fit it into the door panel


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        this was a nice clean good episode, i never knew aftermarket power window regulators looked like that, unfortunetly my Buick already has power windows so this is out of the question. My cars window regulators however have a reputation of stripping out when the windows freeze close and people keep trying too open them...

        but anyhow, i digress, it is nice too see a good clean DIY again just like you guys used to do it and i cant wait for the next one, good job moog and marty!
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