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Power Window Episode

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  • Power Window Episode

    For discussion of electric window thingys

    Edit: Lots of people have been asking where to get the kit, send Meels a PM on this forum and he'll sort you out. (and answer fitting questions too!)
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    The way you guys mounted the windows are bad! They can cause crushed spines upon impact! GOD RABBLE RABBLE

    /sarcasm influenced by 180SX episode.

    Nice episode.
    Was interested in something like this, actually, for a future car. Good to know that it's not extremely difficult to do.

    Cheers MOOG/Marty.


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      Thanks guys epic video. Now i wont have to keep on fapping my doors.

      Ill convert to a hamster instead.

      Edit: Just looked up It just came up a ton of porn and windows desktop site called
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        Might do it to my car. Or bike.


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          That's the cleanest the MCM HQ garage has EVER been!

          Nice work. Never seen it done before.
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            She better say yes.
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              Keen to see the reaction video to the proposal. Hopefully he recorded one.

              Awesome video though.
              I've never actually seen a power window kit before, so first i heard of it.
              Originally posted by ADowbs
              He lives in Australia, it's a felony for thinking about doing a motor swap, let alone actually doing one.
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                Powered windows, one of those things we take advantage of haha. Another great episode guys

                Originally posted by villain
                Looks like his SR had a big night out, tried to sneak back in inconspicuously but passed out.


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                  Top quality episode, as normal


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                    Excellent Video guys. (I enjoyed your erotic puns)

                    I hope Sadie said yes.
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                      Another great episode. And I have to say, after watching all those epicly awesome videos of the 180 build seeing you guys work on it in various "proper" garages. I felt that it was quite refreshing to see MCM back doing DIY in their driveway. Great episode!
                      Originally posted by jmacman12
                      RLD_evoIX you have good taste
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                        Well done. Now how about that answer????
                        Originally posted by [email protected]
                        You don't have to go all out to make american cars decent, you just need to be a decent driver.
                        Originally posted by MrSheep
                        Girls are a crazy bunch, mostly. I swear the factory they're made in has some pretty piss poor Quality Control.


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                          Nice to see MOOG doing some work!

                          Thanks for the video guys, made my day!

                          EDIT: YEA! that proposal was great
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                            Awesome ep, my car came installed with aftermarket power windows by a previous owner so very interesting to watch. They are a little slow so will have to get some of that silicone lubricant for it (:
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                              Haha, I remember seeing that question pop up a while back, dude you better give MCM the results, and that better be a Subaru that they are talking about lol.
                              Originally posted by ADowbs
                              Because racechariot.
                              Originally posted by ADowbs
                              I genuinely don't think I'm that amusing, but if you guys enjoy the random shit I spew, I'm more than happy to keep on spewin'