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Question about popular Australian v8 muscle cars

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    Originally posted by LikeABoss View Post
    We tend to make 4 door cars because theyre more of a family car for us then anything else; and the cars we make would not really look good in 2 door spec :P

    I take that back, our old old oldschool muscle cars we made some great looking 2 doors, gimme a sec for googles :3

    just a couple i quickly got offs the interwebs
    Is the first one a falcon? that one looks sweet!


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      Yeah i meant australian made cars lol we get the G8 , gto & now the SS from you guys, theyre pretty nice lol


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        That is awesome! really sexy too!


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          Originally posted by Wegzyzz View Post
          I'll just leave this here


          That Vauxhall Bathurst...unreal!
          Awesome! Its very sexy too lol


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            Originally posted by Leprichaun View Post
            There's also the old Holden Torana. They haven't produced these for a number of years, however there was a concept released back in 2005 for one, which could be rumoured to appear after 2016.

            This is the old model:

            this kinda looks like ford King Cobra mustang lol


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              Originally posted by SilverVette View Post
              Another Texan?! Well howdy and welcome to the forum! As American 2door v8 owner, I'd also like to see what you Aussies got
              YEAH MURICA!!! LS1 FTW! lol


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                Originally posted by Nugget View Post
                It's called a ute.
                HZ and HQ utes v8's very noice.
                so thats what you refer to them? like we call them pony cars or muscle cars?


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                  i am in love with the vxr Bathurst i wish it was available here it would definitely be on my list of cars to buy. I should look into how to build my own from a Pontiac or something. shouldn't be terrible hard.
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                    6 posts in a row... new record perhaps?

                    There's an edit button, bottom right corner of your post.


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                      What I can think of off the top of my head are
                      Old falcon
                      Commodore ute(pickup)
                      Falcon ute (pickup)

                      Australia really only has two makers we claim as our own ford and holden(gm)
                      the build it started as show and quickly turned into GO!

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                      Originally posted by MOOG
                      right next to my Silvia was an old Mitsubishi colt that had somehow managed to dodge the flames and was fine! absolutely perfect. every ugly panel of it. i could almost feel the Mitsubishi badge laughing at me and I've hated them ever since.


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                        yea we kinda got all the motors you guys ditched ls1, ls2, buick v6, probably some ford stuff? shoved it into some terribly build chassis and called them australian. so everyone who was anyone went out and bought a japanese car and lived happily ever after.

                        ok weve made the odd decent chassis and the lsx isnt a terrible engine.
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                          Really wish Holden and Ford would make some muscle cars would love to have a 2013 Torana but we are stuck with just JDM and euro cars ='(


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                            I wish America brought some aussie muscle here. especially older styles that would be fantastic.
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                              Howdy Texas! Florida here. 2dr American Muscle Cars are my weakness too. Must have a 6 speed manual too.
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                                XB GT Coupé.

                                Best Aussie muscle car ever.

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