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MCM Official Rules **PLEASE READ**

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  • MCM Official Rules **PLEASE READ**

    First and foremost:

    Posting Personal Information WILL result in an instant ban from this point onwards.

    It is illegal and a breach of privacy and Police may be notified in the future if we see any more of it.


    New users please note: You must have posted at least 5 times before you can create a thread!

    MCM Official Rules:
    1. Search the forums prior to making a new thread, using the forums built-in search. Alternatively, try typing in on google: " followed by your key words". Repeat threads will be merged or closed.
    2. No fighting with other members.
    3. No derogatory/racist/stereotyping comments towards other members or of certain demographics on the forum, or anyone in general.
    4. Every member is entitled to one warning prior to banning, however based on the nature of the offense, mods will use discretion in order to act accordingly.
      Note: A warning will be sent in the form of a Personal Message.
    5. No posting of other members personal information of any kind. First names are acceptable based on whether the implicated member has given consent and it is not to harm or targe the individual. Such information includes private details such as their name, address, phone, email, date of birth, addresses, place of work and/or study, social networking profile details, as well as select sensitive material such as photographs and videos.
    6. No post whoring. This includes irrelevant and off-topic posts or comments intended to provoke a reaction. You do not need to give every thread your 2c nor do you need to make a thread for everything. Warnings and bans may result. The social thread is the only exception to this rule.
    7. No Shitposting, every thread doesn't need your 2 cents worth because you want to have the most posts.
    8. Duplicate accounts have no legitimate purpose, therefore are not allowed and both accounts will be banned on sight.
    9. Banning increments increase each succeeding time said member gets banned. The 3rd ban will be permanent.
    10. Post in appropriate sub forums. Consistent failure to comply may result in action by moderators
    11. If you see a repeat thread, hit the report button and put a link to the original thread in the comment. Moderators will then act accordingly to either close or merge the thread. Posting unhelpful, off-topic comments WILL be considered post-whoring and may result in a warning or ban.
    12. Posting complaints about moderators, other members or thread topics is unnecessary (the only exception being the Site Suggestions + Issues section). If you have a problem with a user on this forum, or the way it is run, please contact a moderator to resolve the issue. Posting complaints will be considered off-topic and the above rules of post-whoring apply.
    13. The reputation button is there to give members feedback. It is not there as a means to bully or abuse others. Moderators do monitor reputation comments and will warn or ban users who give abusive comments via the reputation button.

    Some things to consider while posting:
    1. Argue a point, not a person
    2. Don't take the Internet seriously.
    3. Real life (self esteem) is not proportional to e-life, it's inversely proportional
    4. Getting the last word doesn't mean you've won an argument: having the guts not to respond, does.
    5. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all: offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism instead (if you have to post)
    6. If you try to insult somebody through sarcasm, you're going to have a bad time.
    7. Be foresighted as to what implications your post may have on others/yourself.
    8. Proofread and edit your posts before posting.
    9. Don't take the Internet seriously. Srs, srsly.

    Forum Terms and Conditions:

    Please note posts in this forum are the opinion of other members only, and should not be taken as professional advice. Views may be incorrect so please seek professional opinion where appropriate.

    Mighty Car Mods Pty Ltd, its officers, consultants and contractors (“us”,” we”) and the authors and editors of the posts and links contained on this forum do not give any warranties or make any representations in relation to the information provided herein and to the extent permitted by law (a) will not be held liable or responsible in any way and (b) expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage costs or expenses incurred in connection with this limitation, including loss, damage, costs and expenses incurred as a result of the negligence of the officers, employees, consultants, contractors, authors, editors or publishers.

    We do not endorse, approve, or certify information posted on our forums, and any posts providing professional information or purporting to be from professionally qualified people (for example, mechanics, engineers, lawyers or otherwise) are for informational purposes only, are opinions, and should not be construed as advice. This includes posts by us – we are not purporting to be trained mechanics nor to have the necessary information relevant to advise you specifically. No action should be taken based upon any information contained in forum without you first seeking your own independent professional advice from a person who is licensed and/or knowledgeable in the applicable area.
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    Additionally, Mighty Car Mods does have a wikipedia page that you can access at the following link:

    It will be updated as time goes by to keep up to date with MCM.

    If you have more specific questions about MCM then please see the following thread where pretty much everything is answered by the MCM duo:

    You should also take note that Marty and MOOG do not take part in silly internet games that some deem as trolling.

    Made explicit by the actual forum admin:

    Originally posted by admin
    Mighty Car Mods has always been an open environment for people from all walks of life, with a good sense of humour, to come and discuss cars in a safe environment. This means sometimes the mods will ban users if they are threatening other members or not abiding by the rules of the forum.

    MCM is especially known among the car community as a calm and tolerant forum run by volunteers who strive to keep it a safe place for everyone.

    One of the mods received news recently that someone was impersonating Marty, Moog, Rake and other moderators on an external site. While impersonating them, they incited violence, posted inappropriate material and tried to start fights with another forum. They posted hateful comments towards other users, arguing back and forwards while changing the users names to make it appear that there was a real argument going on. It was actually just one person - someone who was recently banned from the MCM forum and is known to us. Not only was he defaming our forum, he was inadvertently defaming the forum he was posting on. He has also been photoshopping screenshots of the MCM forum and replacing the text to make it appear that the mods were inciting violence. His activities are illegal and prosecutable.

    If you see user names such as 'Marty' and 'Moog' posting elsewhere; assume it is fake. (They do not post as these names anywhere except for here) If you see a name of someone pretending to be a mod, or staff from this show, assume its fake. If you see screen grabs that contain malicious, violent or offensive material, and swearing - they are fake.

    Its important to note that if you have read posts recently on other sites that don't seem like they were written by them, it's because they weren't. If you see this kind of material in the future, then you can quote, or link this thread so its very clear to other readers that the MCM forum and its moderators to not engage with abusive online behaviour.

    * Marty and Moog will never engage with trolling and abusive behaviour
    * Marty and Moog will never incite violence towards an individual or a group
    * Marty and Moog will never join another forum to engage with trolling, start fights or challenge people
    * Marty and Moog will never threaten anyone physically
    * Marty and Moog will not swear at people in their posts
    * Marty and Moog will never compromise the long standing relationships with their fans and sponsors by engaging in aggressive or threatening behaviour

    As a user of this, or another site you need to be aware that you may be breaking the law while engaging in abusive online behaviour such as:

    Impersonating other people
    Spreading Defamatory Rumours
    Inciting Violence
    Sharing photos or information without consent

    Mods on this forum take this behaviour seriously, and if necessary report it. We do not stand for bullying and harassment in any forms here. It is illegal.

    If you feel you are being harassed online, please contact your local police station.
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      Hi all,

      The mods have been hard at work implementing a few changes to the forum. Please note the following:
      1. Forum rules and terms & conditions have been updated in the first post of this thread.
      2. These rules and conditions are effective IMMEDIATELY. Read them. Know them. Moderators will be enforcing them.
      3. An email has been sent to all users of this forum, with the updated rules. It might be a bit slow – sending nearly 16,000 emails isn’t quick.
      4. New members must read, and agree to said rules and terms upon signup.
      5. All new members must have posted at least 10 times before they are allowed to create a new thread. This has been implemented forum-wide, the only exception being the Introductions section.
      6. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact a moderator via Personal Message.

      These updates won’t affect the vast majority of users. It is simply to try and keep the forum a bit cleaner, troll-free and a generally nicer place for everyone. We want the forum to be a place where anyone can come to ask questions and learn, as long as the above rules are followed.
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