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Chrome powder coating.

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  • Chrome powder coating.


    I've got a Jaguar XJ-S with "Kent" alloy wheels, sadly they are ruined due to lacquer peel and generally age related stuff like corrosion so they need a good refurb.

    I was thinking about getting them painted silver, instead of the original machined alloy finish. Not sure I'd be happy with silver though...

    BUT recently I heard someone talking about "chrome" powder coating, does anyone know what kind of finish I can expect. Will it actually look chrome or will it be more of a polished alloy finish?

    Do you think it would suit the car? it's one of the early models with rubber bumpers so I don't think it would be too much if they were chrome.

    For anyone incapable of using google, my car is identical to this one found here (except my car doesn't have a passenger door mirror as standard):

    Cheers for suggestions (and more importantly telling me about powder coated chrome!)

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    Any ideas about "chrome" powder coating anyone?


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      i looks like polished chrome. tbh get the wheels refurbs to look as original they look good how they are
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      Originally posted by MOOG
      right next to my Silvia was an old Mitsubishi colt that had somehow managed to dodge the flames and was fine! absolutely perfect. every ugly panel of it. i could almost feel the Mitsubishi badge laughing at me and I've hated them ever since.


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        Originally posted by leadfoot View Post
        i looks like polished chrome. tbh get the wheels refurbs to look as original they look good how they are
        Thanking you for the input!

        I'll just have to save up money and get them done at a shop. I can practice on a spare rime to see if I can get an original finish look with silver paint.

        I found a picture of a wheels this morning. second thoughts are it would look a bit ott.


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          I had my subframe in my old silvia powder coated by a friend. it was free so the catch was i got it done the same color as the other parts that day. This is a powder coated chrome. Sorry for the large image.


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            Large image is better

            It's not like a bright chrome is it, it's a bit less in your face. hmm decisions decisions!

            It's not too far off the original polished wheel style.


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              Only 4 years later... Just had them powdercoated "wheel silver" and the inserts painted black

              That is all!


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                I'll simply need to set aside cash and complete them at a shop. I can rehearse on an extra rime to check Custom Literature Review whether I can get a unique complete look with silver paint. I had my sub-outline in my old Silvia powder covered by a companion. it was free so the catch was i completed it an indistinguishable shading from alternate parts that day.
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