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Track day preparation

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  • Track day preparation

    I will be going to my first track day at the winton fun day in June.

    I would like to know what I should do in preparation for my car.
    I know I need a fire extinguisher but is there a certain type/size I need? Should I buy another set of tyres, bring extra fuel? My car is roadworthy and I serviced it a couple of weeks ago but is there anything I should replace before the day?

    I'm planning on upgrading my exhaust as mines stock and rattling in the flex joint a bit, buying new rims and tyres, changing my rocker cover gaskets as one is leaking, changing my brakes and discs.

    Open to any advice or tips

    Also how often is there accidents on the track? Should I expect a few new dings and be prepared for my car to go home on a trailer or back of a truck?

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    a fresh service in the days before.
    a good clean
    purchase some supplies extra coolant oil some rad hose of varying diams to suit your car. i.e enough to do either feed in or out from the rad and to the heater core (don't wana blow a hose and get stuck this will get you out of a pinch)
    check your spare is good and maybe even pack an extra one
    helmet fire extinguisher (yes there is a special type you need but this only relates to the mounting bracket. it also need to be a dry chem type)
    check all your Tyre pressures maybe even get an alignment done
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      100mph tape, cable ties. Dont fk with anything the day before. If the car is running fine leave it, dont go modding things last minute.
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        Brake pads
        Cannot stress thayt enough


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          Thanks. All good advice. Because I'm buying new rims and tyres I might just take my current rims for the track and swap them to the new rims and tyres after the meet.


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            brake pads and a brake fluid bleed, before and after haha. The brakes will be the first thing to go on any street car that is in good condition.
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            Then I did the rest of the trip with no boost - it was the most boring thing I've ever experienced.