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Car makes a grinding sound shifting into 3rd

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  • Car makes a grinding sound shifting into 3rd

    hello all, so out of no where whenever I try and shift the car into 3rd gear its a bit harder then usual and makes a grinding sound unless I shift extremely slow (sometimes doesn't work) this has only started happening recently and want too know if there's anything i can do before some damage occurs

    don't know if it matters but its a 99 Impreza rx

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    Syncros are starting to go. Try change the tranny fluid to redline, it won't fix your worn syncros but may mask the symptoms and reduce further wear.

    Make sure your tranny isn't leaking oil either as low oil can cause grinding too.


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      Agreed. Probably bad synchros.

      bleed the tranny and put some new oil. Pretty much the only thing you can do without having to start changing parts.


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        Start double clutching into third, that will stop it grinding if you do it right. The other alternative is replace/refurbish the gearbox.
        1993 MX-5 - 2.5L V6 swap in progress


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          Alright thanks for the help everyone