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New Episode - TURBO TIMER Install

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  • New Episode - TURBO TIMER Install

    So this has been one of our top 5 most requested episodes for a long time. We've managed to hold off from doing it for many years, but eventually we were crushed under the weight of email requests.

    So here it is. Do you think turbo timers are useful or a marketing scam? Do you use one or not? Lets have a useful discussion about them below!
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    Great ep! I won't be installing a turbo timer on my upcoming car I feel. Seems like a good little mod to do, but not needed

    Not really useful but a good little addition to have sometimes I guess
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      Watching the video as soon as Futurama ends in 6 minutes (its commercial break now). I have never had a turbo timer before but my old turbo was water cooled. My new one is oil only so I am considering it. I do normally drive easy (low RPM, no boost) the last bit before I park. The exception to this is if I am late for something.
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        Just sat down to have lunch and saw this. Aw yeah.

        As for the discussion on turbo timers, I think this paper written by Garrett is equally as interesting and relevant:

        In page 6, the section called "What is the right way to properly set up a water-cooled turbocharger" talks a lot about how to reduce the temperature of the turbo bearings once the engine is shut off. Keeping water circulating through the turbo via convection is just as good

        An (even better) thing you could do is to invest in an electric water pump and hook up a turbo timer to it. It'll keep full coolant flow through the engine and turbo, while the engine is shut off.

        I'm not going to get into the debate too much, but the only thing that turbo timers are good for is so that you can walk away from your car while it's running, for that 'cool' factor.

        Great video as always guys
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          I was thinking the same thing about the electric water pump motor. Turbo timer. :/
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            Back in the day when turbos were primarily oil cooled, yes they served a purpose. But these days with water and oil cooling going on there's absolutely no reason for it.

            I agree with Moog and Marty, if you've been driving hard, just chill out for a minute or two and drive without getting into boost to let all the fluids circulate around before shutting the car off. That's what I do, anyway.

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              Just good for looks and being to say you have one. Would never be bothered with one since whenever i park my car i sit around for 30 seconds anyway. In conclusion as useful as a pod filter from SCA.


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                Ahhh lads, dropping the tools . Working In heat is probably good for you, like a sweat detox MCM style.

                Turbo timers make sense, have a cool liquid running through a hot turbo to cool it down. They look cool too and people think your a proper maaad tuner. I looked at a '97 Rx7 that was highly tuned and i think it needed a turbo timer because of the aggressive ECU tune. For stock turbo + tune, I wouldn't get a turbo timer.(I know MCM lads value my personal input)

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                  oh marty come to the darkside i shall send you a box of cookies. lancers are awesome besides girls want diamonds not sti's
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                    Nice video guys

                    I guess you can think of it this way, professional race horses do cool/warm down laps at the end of a race, sporting athletes do exercises and rituals to cool/warm down after a game or training session, so a turbo or even NA car should probably have the same principal applied, drive conservatively for the last few minutes before arriving to your destination.
                    I use this principle when I drive to race meets, cruisy drive up to the event for about an hour via highways and in town during the cold morning allowing for everything to warm up, rev the nuts off it all day whilst racing, then a cruisy drive home on the roads, using high gears, smooth on the everything and so on.
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                      Good episode guys, what made it better for me was the fact it was filmed in Singapore! On the topic of turbo timers, as the old saying goes it's better safe than sorry. I like having that extra piece of mind that my car is cooling down just for a few minutes after a drive (my Skyline doesn't actually have a turbo timer). I am also happy that Moog said they are illegal in Australia, because that will make it very clear to anybody who wants to install one. Really though I would NEVER park in a parking lot, get out of my car and have it left running there (even though it does have a immobiliser). When I park I leave the car running for 2 minutes while I sit in it, because that does the same thing. Personally I don't see the point in Turbo timers because leaving your car running is all you have to do, and because they are illegal.

                      Also guys don't even joke about the endangered Furry Sperm Whale Rat, I hit one of those coming back from the City one day and I am still in counseling :'(
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                        Great to see some Mitsu/Lancer love fellas! As always, awesome vid!


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                          Hell, my lux is NA at the moment, I plan to put one in for when I do turbo it. Might be 6+ months, but it's not gonna hurt an NA donk

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                            I like turbo timers coz it's cool and girls like me more
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                            You can tell this movie is awesome because it has "2" in the title, in place of the word "to".


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                              Turbo timer opion

                              The Pros

                              When your late for work or something inportant and in a rush they are handy to lock the car and go.

                              After a track run you can let it cool down without staying in the car and i dought the track guys will allow you to do a slow lap to let it cool down.

                              The Cons

                              Might be able to hotwire older cars with no immobiliser / if someone jumps in the car before it locks they could keep setting it to 10 minutes and bring it for a joy ride or steal it

                              Might void insurance if ya forget to declare.

                              Why are they illegal in Australia ?