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Massive NSW MCM Meet 31st August - SOLD OUT!

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  • Massive NSW MCM Meet 31st August - SOLD OUT!

    Please read the entire thread before committing to purchase tickets.


    Missed out on buying a ticket?
    Theres plenty of carparks along and behind the park grounds for spectators to come.
    You can park there, but you'll have to make your way to the meet on foot.

    Facebook event is here:

    M I G H T Y C A R M O D S M E E T N G R E E T N O F I V E

    It's finally here. The biggest MCM meet yet! Come down to Silverwater Park at the end of this month (yes less than 3 weeks away!) for an awesome day for all things MCM.
    Meet Marty & Moog, and all the MCM crew and their cars, as well as a pig that likes to go sideways.
    Please read the FAQ below before purchasing tickets thanks.

    How much is it to enter?
    $10 per vehicle. Free to spectators.

    What do I have to bring?
    A clean car, a good attitude and Print the physical QR code ticket and we'll scan it in on the day
    Or alternatively the email receipt. OR use Apple Passbook and store it on your phone.

    What do I do when I get there?
    Hand or show the above paper/ticket, then one of the MCM crew will direct you to a place to park your car.
    You will park where the crew member instructs you, no exceptions as we have to organize parking for over 250 vehicles.
    You cannot move the car until you are ready to leave.

    What if I want to park next with my mates/club?
    Come all together at the park entry. Simple

    Can I come early?
    No admittance will be allowed before 10am (subject to change)
    Park will start to close at 5pm.

    Can I post this on Facetubes, Youbook etc.?
    Not until MCM post it on their FB. I rather let MCM members have first opportunity at purchasing tickets.

    We will be providing some BBQ Food but it's best to bring your own food as well as we won't be able to cover everyone.
    There will be a couple of recycle bins/trash bins provided but it's best to keep your rubbish in your car. Don't litter!

    So, I rip a skid in the park...
    Not only will you be reported to the council and police, you will probably be banned from the forums and possibly future meets.
    Also you will be charged with the damage to repair it and the cost of the council's security bond on top (basically don't do it!).

    Any exceptions to who can buy a ticket?
    Nope. We welcome all makes of people and all races of car.
    Oh, it helps if you're in Australia and actually plan to show up.

    It's raining on the day!
    It will be forwarded to the next available day for the Park and the Crew to be available (let's hope this doesn't happen).

    Ok, I've got all that, let me buy a bloody ticket already.
    Sorry, this event is sold out!

    Haven't got the ticket in my inbox yet.
    Check your Spam folder, there's a good chance your inbox filter might put it in there. (for future convenience list it as not spam)

    Mad as flurpy's turbo rainbow excrement... ok maybe not.

    Want to bring your car and park it within the meet?
    Get your ticket here.

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    damn im so in! , now weather to enter my car or just spectate , mmmm
    are cars that really need a paintjob okay to enter? :P

    so keen to travel 3 hours


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      See you all there


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        This is going to be EPIC!

        As you would have seen in this thread, this meet organised by D.J is going to be in a hired venue which is why people coming to the meet will contribute to these costs.

        There's a whole lot of reasons why this is going to be better. Firstly, for the last couple of years MCM meets in Sydney have just been too big and we've had no way of controlling the traffic. (The first MCM meet in NSW had around 12 people I think!) Traffic jams and holding up traffic, (anyone remember T-Way?!) and very soon Police are there, people are getting tickets and its a mess. Being a public space we can all be moved on by the Police which means meet is over.

        Every meet we've been to for the last couple of years, Police have turned up. And this is fine. It's their job and we have no issue with this at all. But when they do, they ask who is in charge and 300 fingers point at me. Melbourne meet 2013 is a good example of this. The event was organised independently of myself, and I managed to be able to fly down for a couple of hours. But as soon as the Police arrive and ask whats going on, people run up to me and say "the Police want to talk to you". I'm in a different state, with different Police and I'm trying to explain that yes we just park and look at each others cars, and they found this hard to believe. Even so, its my details that the Police take. This means when they come back later to make sure nothing has been damaged and they see the burnouts that a couple of fools left on their way out, do you know who they call? Yup me.

        A cover charge means keeping the numbers contained, it guarantees us the space, and it means a space that is out of the way of the public!

        It's set to be the best MCM meet ever with loads of amazing cars and cool things to do including the MCM 180SX, Jet200, Mechanical Stigs new Fiori Project plus giveaways and food. Space is strictly limited though so if you want to come and you need to get on it right now! Looking forward to seeing you there!
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          just bought my ticket


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            I wish I was in Australia

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              I'm thinking of buying a ticket and entering my car. Hopefully I'll have all the bits for my carputer/it will be installed by then so I can show it off. Mad!


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                In regards to MOOG's comment about the Police, if you act casual, relaxed and normal everything should be fine. I was at Melbourne in April for the big meet and even though 3 cars and half a dozen Police Officers turned up they soon began just having a look around rather than booking people, sadly despite this I noticed a large amount of people leaving shortly after they turned up.

                This was sad as all they're their doing is making sure there's no burnouts and bad behaviour going on, so long as you don't give them a reason to give you trouble they shouldn't especially with such a large amount of cars to Policemen.

                Just act cool, controlled and don't worry if they'll start measuring your ride height

                I'm looking forward to the video of this, sadly can't roadtrip it up, very dissapointed this is the case

                This should be MAAD though
                Originally posted by thatcoolwind
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                Originally posted by Cal
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                Check out my excellent ride HERE:

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                  Will Marty's new VN SS be there?
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                    yep im there, it is low car friendly right?
                    i like it loud <<-- my build thread '64 mini ... van


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                      they've hosted plenty of JDMST and lowdown meets there quite regularly i believe and their cars are stupidly low haha , should be fine mate

                      well i hope so too hahaha


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                        And....ticket bought


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                          This is gonna be epic... remember this is an MCM meet and any car is welcome, doesn't matter what it is - the more variety the better!

                          Cover charge also gets you a sticker and makes the event possible, so don't be shy! - the whole event has been pre-paid so if we fill it then we can afford to do it again!!

                          Priority is for forum members thats why its going up here before it hits facebook so if you're thinking about coming hit the shop link here:

                          Love MCM? Want to help support the show? Check out the MCM Shop and get some maaaad DVD's, stickers, shirts or Magazine...


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                            If only I was in Sydney

                            If only I wouldn't get defected for driving out of the NT

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                              Y U NO COME TO BRISBANE?! Really wish I could make it down for this, but its right smack dab in the middle of my exams >_<

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