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Shift knob without pattern defectable?

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  • Shift knob without pattern defectable?

    So apparently you can get a defect notice for a shift knob without a pattern in VIC. Anyone know if any other states have this stupid rule? I feel like not having a shift pattern is a form of anti theft device haha.

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    Well, from what I've read on this forum so far VIC has a lot of those weird rules. Most cars have the same shift pattern apart from where reverse is. There's only a handfull of exotics that have first gear on the spot for second gear.


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      NSW have the same rule


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        I really don't understand why you would make that a law. It doesn't do anything for road safety assuming the person driving the car is used to driving it without the shift pattern on the shifter.


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          In NSW you either need it on the knob or on a sticker to the side of the shifter. Pretty freaking stupid. Same kinda deal as it being illegal to have your arm out the window. The cop has to be in a very bad mood to do you for that. Normally because you fail the attitude test.
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            I'd say it would have to be down to someone needing to move the car in an emergency and reverse is in some funky location (right-down, right-up, left-down, left-up, and then with or without a collar etc), but it is a pretty petty thing to get pulled up on. In saying that though, is a tiny sticker really such a pain?