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Oh Anger.... People who dont get Modification.... Its for me not you!!!

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  • Oh Anger.... People who dont get Modification.... Its for me not you!!!

    This is a guy on a forum I need for my car.... He is like so many forum users....

    Lotus, like many other cars is an engineered system. You cannot overdo one thing without affecting and having to improve many other systems. To add that much power you will radically change the weight and balance, the cooling system can't handle it, and so on. By the time you modify everything to make it work, it won't really be a Lotus anymore. For what you would spend and the time it would take, you are probably better off choosing another kind of car. This isn't being a purist about chopping up a Lotus, this is being a realist and trying to give you the best advice to get the kind of performance you seem to be asking for. Different cars are built for different purposes. As an extreme example you wouldn't buy a Smart car and try to make it drive like a Lotus. Don't take a Lotus and try to make it drive like a new Lambo. It doesn't make sense even if you could do it.

    I cant stand reading a good thread and having a leave well enough alone post...

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      I think its my brain that has a short. I posted that at 2 am.

      This dick that signs his name... (I omitted that) after every post always says something along the lines of take it to the dealer and leave the car alone... There are many people like him on the internet that should just stuff a suck up their back exhaust intake pipe. < Thats a nice way of saying used dirt star. And if you dont know what a dirt star is urban dictionary has you covered.

      In short people who oppose everything this forum stands for.... I hate them.


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        I get it from some of the guys who I work with. They can't understand why I would modify a 1995 astra and fit a diesel engine into it.

        The concept of a slightly retro sleeper that is also economic is beyond them. I'm building it to challenge myself. To see if almost 6 years of planning and research was correct.

        All you can do is ignore them. Do what you want and enjoy it. There are certain mods even I can't see the point of but hey, each to their own.
        Where there's the will and a welder, there's a way


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          I mean I dont even chump on guys with stretched tires. I get it... It's a style. I may laugh when the tire lets loose or harp on them when they say I dunno why the tire wore out so fast in one spot but eh to each his own and leave em alone I say! But what kills me is when it's on a car forum. I sat in my car last night after a hard drive and realized even though some of the mods didn't go to plan that the car overall looked sounded and performed way way better than when I bought it. I also realized that minus the door card sitting in my garage for a month my mods in particular made the car much easier to drive.