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2002 Impreza Question

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  • 2002 Impreza Question

    I recently bought a clean and low KM 2002 JDM FWD auto Impreza. I was hoping down the line to buy a write-off/dirty and cheap WRX or 20K Manual and swap the driveline into the FWD car. By the looks of it there is a channel for the driveshaft above the exhaust in the FWD car but I was wondering if anyone had attempted this and if the floors in the two cars are the same and the engine, turbo, driveshaft and rear diff will bolt straight into the FWD car. Also how different is the wiring loom and would it need to be swapped out completely or just certain segments?
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    I didn't even know there where FWD only Impreza's. I thought they where all AWD


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      The Japan only I'S and I'S Sport were available as FWD or AWD. They came with the EJ15.


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        Same, I had no idea. Did you import it from Japan?


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          Nah I didn't but theyre super common in NZ as a theyre a dirt cheap base model Impreza. Information on them is scarce since they were only intended for Japan.