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MCM Forums project idea! Please read.

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  • MCM Forums project idea! Please read.

    I am sorry for not wating for more opinions before posting this.

    But I was thinking of a way for us to all have a little fun MCM style.

    A lot of us have different generations of MCM style cars in various build states.

    I happen to do a cooking show but it is on Hiatus for at least the next month so I have a powerful editing computer just sitting here.

    Wouldnt it be cool to have a mashup of MCM forums cars on a little youtube video.
    Its easy enough for me to open another channel and the best part is NO ADS.
    so whenever we want we could look at eachothers rides.

    Tell me what you think or post up some video so I can throw it in the editor. Its gonna be MADDDDD!

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    I think its a brilliant idea. Something along the lines of the My Crap Ride videos but on the other end of the scale.


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      Sounds like a great idea Robert, well worth giving it a go!


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        That's a really great idea, I will try to do something

        Originally posted by Richie_B View Post
        Something along the lines of the My Crap Ride videos but on the other end of the scale.
        Well, it depends on which car we're talking about
        My car : MG TF (2003)


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          Any and all cars are welcome. PM me once you shoot some video and I will give out my email address. I only request PM's because of spam.


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            something like this but video and maybe a drive video
            Cherry blossoms.


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              This Topic Here --->> https://forums.mightycarmods.com/for...eo-suggestions
              1991 Bronco Eddie Bauer ~ 351w EFI 5.8 (5752cc) ~ E4OD ~ BW1356 (Manual) ~ Manual Hub{s} ~ 265/75 r15



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                Not a suggestion! Its a request ti MCM forums members to take some video and send it to me so I can make us a channel.