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Sunvisor rubber

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  • Sunvisor rubber

    Hello - the sunvisors on my car are always coming loose / un-clipping themselves as the rubber that surrounds the metal rod is wearing away. See photo:

    It's now so bad that I'm considering removing the whole sunvisor until I get it fixed as it won't stay clipped for more than a few seconds.
    Is there a way to replace the rubber without damaging sunvisor? I also don't want to replace the whole thing either as it seems like a huge waste to scrap it due to a tiny rubber part. As for pre-loved parts, I want to stay away from that too as they might develop the same issue quicker than I would like if they don't already have it.

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    What car is it in? The "official" way to fix that would be to replace the whole visor.

    I can understand why you don't want to do that, though, so you could try and bodge it by wrapping some rubber tape around it, or if you can find some rubber tube of about the right size, slit it down one side, slide it on, then wrap a few layers of insulation tape around it. But those are definitely backyard fixes that won't last all that long, with the adhesive ultimately letting you down. Still, if it's just some fresh insulation tape you need you might decide that's ok.


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      It seems that it would be doable with something like a fuel hose piece (or something made of basically any soft plastic/rubber), cut it to length, make a slit and glue it on place.

      Seems like 2 things to do a good job :
      - finding the perfect size, thickness tube (quite doable)
      - finding the perfect glue for the material (rubber is a pain to glue, even epoxy don't stick ...)

      It will do the job just fine, and you won't have to buy another complete sunvisor
      My car : MG TF (2003)


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        All you got to do is cut away the old rubber and CA/ super glue new rubber on. I wouldn't go with fuel hose. The weaker vinyl tubing is the way to go.

        EDIT: You dont want fuel hose as its chem resistant which makes it resist glue a bit and it is also less flexible.
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          It's a 2003 Ford Focus, new parts from Ford are getting hard to find now. I need a new engine cover but they don't stock them anymore.
          I like the idea of gluing a tiny piece of rubber tubing as that would allow a good fitment.
          Thanks for the tip about fuel hoses! I'll let you know how I go.


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            Instead of getting rubber or hoses, I found some garden sprinkler risers similar to the one below and cut it to size:

            I was pretty lucky because I was thinking I'd have to drill use a drill to make the inner diameter bigger and or sand the outside down so it fit into the clip. Luckily, are the perfect size and snap into place.

            I had to make a slit down the length of them and then attempt another slit to make a gap so they fit on the sunvisor. Cutting a straight line proved impossible:

            Fits in perfectly, but I might redo the driver's side as it doesn't cover the entire length of the rod it covers. Might also spray them grey too:

            For now, I'm pretty happy, didn't have to spend anything and it functions just as well as before.


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              Yeah,that's the repairs we want to see
              Did you need to glue or epoxy it ? or is it just snapped on it ?
              My car : MG TF (2003)


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                No glue, just snapped it in