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Joined a F*** RACE TEAM!! Sweet!

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  • Joined a F*** RACE TEAM!! Sweet!

    Oh my god. Who else would get as excited about being on a real race crew. Were not sponsored so I still gotta buy a few parts but dude A clean S15 with a beautifully conditioned SR20 hooked to a welded rear for practicing in. AKA not the car we smash up on the track. I got the invite after I spun it going 100K's.


    The actual race cars are in the back but none are photogenic except for the purple S15 which is not on the menu for me unfortunately. There is also an R35 behind me but that is also off the menu until I can break 120 on the same corner I spun on without the spin.

    The actual race car is a loaded S13 that needs lots of love. Full kit greddy and HKS nonsense bolted to a stock SR20. Molested loom Apexi ECM roll bar and horrible sky blue paint. First job was to get the car started. Found a hot to the coils that was spliced in with way too small of a wire. Got a bigger wire and new grounds in and she fired right up! Next week I will be wiring in permanent wires along with removing the battery tray and derusting the heavily cancered areas. Ill post up photos of the actual car soon. It looks like a turd but it has about 20K in great parts.
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    Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!

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    That sounds very exciting, Robert!! Good luck and enjoy it!!!


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      Dude I am so stoked. Sunday schedule. Rain: Practice. Shine: S2000 and S13 prep. Also night..... (Secret event).
      Were not a rich team. turns out we dont have many tires for the practice car.....
      Going to try to find us a sponsor.
      Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!


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        that sounds awesome man!! grats!


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          Yeah dude I cant wait to get cracking on the S13 again. I started her up and she sounded angrier than a nest of hornets that just got screwed by a grizzly.... O_0
          The cable ends and shrinks came in and I just realized as I am typing I forgot to buy wire lugs... Oh well I can buy them tomorrow before work.
          Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!


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            Been busy. Hardly any time for either car. But I finally got the permanent ground in the car. Its premium amp grounding I went with cheapish all copper terminals and shrank everything then acetate taped it up. It should be rainproof. Next time I am going to wire the hot. The plan is to stick the fuse block inside the car and run a minibattery that we already got inside a fiberglass box with a rubber strap for ease of removal. I may just make an aluminum carrier bracket so its a bit lighter. I hahve to re route the harness because of the tire setting through the shock tower. But we really need a welder in the shop. After the vaccum pump comes it will be the only thing missing besides a cnc and lathe.
            I got my conrods for the esprit yesterday. Hey BTW if anyone knows much about the S13 please be my guest and enlighten me on anythig I can remove reroute or watch out for. IT will already get a steel sandwhich headgasket but other than that I will probably make some better aimed intake pipe and send it with bigger injectors and higher boost. Apparently she can rip and it does have a programmable ECU.
            Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!