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  • Erased account

    I havent been there for a while and when I try to login I was rewarded with incorect login error.
    I tried to restore password via email. Email was not found. Then I checked mebers list. My account Woyta was not there (Account created 7.2.2016).
    I dont think that was deleted for inactivity because there ir lot of account with visit in 2013 or even more.
    I am not sure if there was some problem with rules or account hijacking because there was no messaga in my email.
    So I had to create new account with same name and email and now I am asking what was wrong, that my account had to be deleted.

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    Hi Woyta - there was a server crash in early 2017 and the only available backup was from 2013.
    Unfortunately that meant anything which happened between 2013 and 2017 was lost... including your account.