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Elise project considerations.

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    1990 Chevrolet Chevy van G20

    1984 Ratty Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

    1963 Oldsmobile Super 88

    1974 Chevrolet El Camino


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      Originally posted by SBC View Post
      That's a big pass on that for me haha


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        Originally posted by howfal View Post

        I've sent some emails out and got some replies so it's update time.

        In regards to engines, I'm gonna have to pay big $$ to get a 2ZZ-GE built to my specs. I want to get a twin scroll turbo made up too. Planned set up will hopefully bring at least 320WHP to the table with forged and titantium parts. Even so, without a doubt the largest performance gain will be from the weight reduction of my wallet

        Concerning the audio I'm going to try get some component speakers fitted and since I'm going to run a custom infotainment setup, I'll have a DAC integrated into the sound system from there.

        Additionally, I've been told it won't be much trouble to integrate internet connectivity into the infotainment system so I can actually download store any music on the system itself. I'll be storing system data on an SSD and using a pretty snappy mobile processor so hopefully I don't get that dreaded infotainment lag.

        I'm tempted to look into steering assist now. Not really sure if custom solutions for that are common but I'll have a look.
        Does the lotus come factory with steering wheel controls? I know a lot of aftermarket stereos can integrate them fairly easily as it is generally quite a simple signal for audio control. It might be a bit tricky getting it to talk to the computer though. You're probably still better off sticking with the 2ZZ motor-wise, as swapping anything in and making it work would be at least as much of a hassle and would probably end up just as expensive (if not more expensive, due to all the fab work).


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          going a built 2ZZ is pretty hard core, id think with a built one you could get more than 320whp with a twin scroll as well, though i guess it depends if you want more power for faster response