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Are hotdog mufflers legal in AUS?

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  • Are hotdog mufflers legal in AUS?

    As the title says just wondering if they are legal. recently replaced my stock Subaru Liberty muffles with some hotdog mufflers.

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    what is a hotdog muffler? Is that Aussie slang for a glass pack?
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      G'day Will!

      I've just overhauled the Exhaust on my Toyota MR2 so I've got some fresh info for you!

      Realistically speaking, the set up of your individual exhaust doesn't really matter that much here in the land of Aus, however, each State and Territory does have its own laws about this!
      Here in Queensland, I HAVE to retain a Catalytic Converter (if fitted from factory), as to not interfere with emissions - not that they check those anyway... Furthermore, here in Queensland over all exhaust noise must NOT exceed 90 Decibels - that one they DO check. Oh, and the exhaust must leave from the back of the car!

      All in all, as long as you don't delete the Catalytic converter, and keep it under 90 dB, you'll be perfectly legal!

      Double check the laws in your state, but most of the laws about cars in Australia are pretty similar

      TLDR: Anything goes, as long as its not too loud or is super crazy looking.
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