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Will 2WISTD get NOS maybe bigger turbo???

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  • Will 2WISTD get NOS maybe bigger turbo???

    Will Moog fit a hidden 50hp NOS kit to the almighty 4G63 6 bolt? Maybe a bigger turbo or strip it out like 2SEXY? Or all three to make it the ultimate weapon CC lancer EVO? We will have to stay tune to find out, but i'm sure Moog will have something up his sleeve to win!

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    I suspect it might be more about creative competition rules myself, but will be interesting to see how it pans out!!


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      id think if he went a bigger turbo to put down more power he will have traction issues because its FWD currently


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        2WISTD will have a clutch failure and 2SEXY will win and we can all move on with normal MCM episodes.

        I hate these Marty vs Moogs videoseries where the loser has to get rid of their car. I hate them, every single one of them, Liberty vs S15/GTR, Blue Turd vs Barbymobile


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          Marty won't get rid of his lancer....
          he is beginning to believe.


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            TYRES,TYRES,TYRES! It'll come down to who's right foot is the best adjusted! Boost/wheelspin/traction/brakes/corner/boost/wheelspin/traction/brakes/corner! But damn it'll be fun to watch and very close, always put a smile on dial! Both cars are wicked FWD platforms and deserve their place in the MCM record books!