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  • A thing I made

    Decided we wanted something dope AF to hang our car keys and such on. This is what I came up with. I did some extensive googling beforehand to see if I could just buy something similar, I found nothing of the sort. Started off with just a piece of wood that looked nice at the hardware store. I believe it was a remnant piece, I didnt purchase an entire of board. The nissan and mazda emblems came from airbags at the wreckers, the volvo one i bought from some dude in malaysia, and the IH one is actually a factory fender emblem off of the first IH I owned, a 1971 IH scout 810/scout II.20181224_191343.jpg20181224_140501.jpg I ground the chrome off the sockets just where i was going to drill them for the key rings. The chrome is incredibly hard and unless you have carbide drills, you probably wont get through it. If you grind the chrome off first though, it drills like butter. The mazda, nissan, and volvo got 6mm sockets, the IH got a 1/4" socket.20181224_140105.jpg For the "posts" I took 4 of the cheapest 1/4" drive socket extensions i could find in my tool box and then cut the ratchet end off of them leaving the socket end intact. I drilled and tapped the inside of the extention for 1/4-20 threads and used some nice countersunk hex head hardware. image_28857.jpg
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