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Should i use my gopro as a dash cam?

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  • Should i use my gopro as a dash cam?

    Should i use my gopro as a dash cam?

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    since i couldnt get any answers here i took matter in my own hands

    better NOT to didn't realize dashcams come with so many features by default (even the cheapest ones)

    For those wondering the same thing, read this dashcam vs GoPro

    does any have any solid dash cams to recommend from experience? under 200 bucks preferably with front and back recording if possible


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      Hi, I don’t have a dashcam myself but a few people I know have recommended Mobius as a good and not too dear dashcam. Might be worth looking into as an alternative?


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        I used my GoPro as a dashcam for a while, not bad but the wide angle lens makes seeing things difficult in detail.

        We've got lots of NextBase ones here in the UK, they're reasonable quality. They've got some around the £75, not sure what their export market is like though :P
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          I use my Gopro mostly for this sort of stuff (I have a few of these video's on my channel). I've used it as a dashcam when driving to and from work a few times but I've noticed my driving style changes (not in a good way) when I have a camera running for the purpose of a dashcam

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            you can use a gopro as a dashcam but i generally dont recommend it, the wide angle lense can make some things difficult to see but then again you can change the aspect ratio, though GoPro's are not really designed for it in the first place, they sometimes dont take well to a reaaaallly long record time, tried it a few times with a hero 3, hero 6 black and the current hero 7 black and just wasnt fitting the bill really