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Cresta VS Dragweek

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  • Cresta VS Dragweek

    Ok so I am behind the curve on the release of the video, but I binged watched all 10 today. Brilliant is the word I have to use, well done by all and I know it was very hard work by all that were there. I do comment the story telling as stated in the final episode, as frankly its what I want to hear about as well.

    I am sure there would be many things to chat about, but I have to ask about Benny wearing first a Pittsburgh Penguins Cap, then a Pittsburgh Steelers Cap for the remainder of the video.

    Whats the connection? Is he what we would call in Pittsburgh a closet Yinzer?

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    The sad thing is (with any person/group) the story is never truly representing the event, people come close to describing what its like but, still miss the mark. Even the Hot Rod guys can't accurately describe what Drag Week is like when you're there. For the simple fact no one can describe the atmosphere and comradery that is Drag Week. It really is something that you have to experience to grasp. It is simply amazing and unmatched.

    That said, if you can go, even to one day and hop around the hotels, do it!


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      It's on my bucketlist to fly across the pond, hire a car and follow along the entire week. But not untill the orange clown is out of office


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        You'll die before anyone in government over here is worth a damn. They're all corrupt and play for the same team.

        Come on over! You won't regret it, I did part of it a few years back and like I said, no one can put into words what it is like.


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          Politics aside, I was referring to the video story with the Cresta and their experience. I do not think their goal was to show you what it was like but what it was like for them. I think the final episode is kind of telling where Benny comments well now we can enjoy our time and watch the other racers. I can only understand that sometimes if you see an event through a viewfinder of a camera or video camera you might be missing more of the show. Personal experience at times, you want to show other folks the event but you loose some of the fun along the way. I think even Woody talked about that in the post production episode. I am sure every competitor wants to show their best, and I could understand the financial part of the trip could have played a part vs just buying airline tickets and showing up. When I go to shows now I rarely even take photographs, as I far more enjoy the fellowship of talking to blokes about their cars and them.