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Anyone else get annoyed by

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  • Anyone else get annoyed by

    Drives me nuts when I park my car go in some were an come out only to find someone has parked so close to the driver's side u can't get back in ur car,and it's always some rusted up bit of junk,

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    Know how you feel, I have a mini and someone always parks to close just because Im a smaller vehicle, I just leave a kind note not to do it again.
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      The doors on my Citro├źn C4 Coupe are a mile long, had one park close up to my car last weekend, had to get in on the passengerside and climb over the gearstick and handbrake. Car was parked al crooked, there was plenty of space on the other side of that car.

      When I park I always make sure I leave enough space on both sides and because my doors are a mile long it's a perfect measurement tool, if I can open my doors upto the first notch, other people can also open their doors without bumping into my car


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        Originally posted by TheCaptain View Post
        other people can also open their doors without bumping into my car
        You lucky man, they don't do that over here as soon as you leave your car more than 2 minutes on a public parking, you got a dent, that's it.
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          Gotta love it when some throws a door into ur car an then parks somewhere else straight away,no hey I wrecked ur new paint job sorry bout that,no note no nothing,makes me lose faith in humanity