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Modding without a garage, how?

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  • Modding without a garage, how?

    I've always been a big fan of watching MCM and other channels. Obviously, this makes my fingers itch to get some action myself. Problem is, I haven't got a garage / proper tools ... how or where do you guys go about modding and storing your nuggets? (Note: I moved out and have not got any family close, so I can't put it in their way )

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    Or rent a garage. I have 150 square meter garage with 450€/month rent and it's not bad at all with 4 friends. We can fit 5 to 6 cars there easily and still have room for 1 car if needed and space to work on cars.
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      Hmm, that tent is looking like a fine idea if I have the space for it in the future. Currently living in an appartement without any sort of garden.

      I thought about renting a garage with some pals but since I moved to the UK I kind of left my friends behind anyway, thank you for the tips!


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        Car park outside your closest auto store my friend.
        if you lack a driveway or car park close by within walking distance of home, then your next best bet is a corner in a supermarket car park or doing anything that might imobilise it in the carpark of an auto store so that you can easily duck inside to grab anything you need just incase your missing a part. roadkill style.
        failing that, one of those 4 post gazebo things that you get at BBQ's and sporting events can do the trick of keeping sun and rain off you while you work. you can pick them up pretty cheap at any hardware or homewares store.
        and a little toolbox or tool bag of basic tools like screwdrivers, 1/4 and 1/2 socket sets with extensions, roll of spanners, adjustable shifter, hammer, breaker bar, pliers, needle nose pliers, cutters, multigrips, retractable blade, pry bar, zip ties, electrical tape, torch, wire strippers and crimpers should be enough to get you started and do most of the work you need to do. As you find yourself doing more and more, you slowly build your collection of tools up over time. Nobody except probably myself and some of my mates goes out and buys all the tools they will ever need in one go the first time, you build it all up over time acquiring new things as you need them.


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          I've seen inflatable spray booths kicking around


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            Originally posted by vaxx View Post
            I've seen inflatable spray booths kicking around
            their actually pretty good, especially if your in some crappy rainy or cold weather you can throw a little heater inside and work in comfort.


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              You can rent a garage for 500$ or build your own garage and this what chose because i like modding cars and bikes, so i decided to build my garage in my house backyard, i started with the concrete base and searched in internet for garage models.
              So i ordered the building materials for the garage and done it in 3 weeks and now i’m modding my bike and upgrading it because i have a plan to drive all across Australia on it.
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                MCM channels, fav ones to watch while having some free time))) Well, if you do not have instruments and a garage, why not to begin helping some of your friend with his-her car? Imagine you rent a garage, buy all the tools and after 2-3 weeks you realize that you do not like this activity. But if you are sure that this would be a nice hobby, renting sounds like a great idea).
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