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'13 STI Temps dropping on WOT

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  • '13 STI Temps dropping on WOT

    So I've got this odd issue. Driving normally on the highway temps are generally fine. Logs at idle around 93c and bounces around 80c.
    When I do some spirited driving I notice the temp needle goes a slight up down and around. Log shows it drops down to 73c. I've seen it drop well below half way on the gauge after doing some spirited driving down hill.

    I'm thinking thermostat but wouldn't the temperature drop continuously on the highway regardless of throttle? Car only has 50,000 km's.

    I did a cold start and checked the upper radiator hose and it was warming up before the engine made it to operating temp. If I remember correctly the stock OEM thermostat opens at 76c, so should the upper radiator hose be cold until then?

    My tuner thinks its a bit odd that a thermostat would fail at only 50,000 km.