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A little help understanding vic roads because I'm ready to give up.

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  • A little help understanding vic roads because I'm ready to give up.

    So I own a 2001 CE lancer GLi 1.5L 4g15 manual. The engine is borderline dead. I have a CE lancer MR 1.8L 4g93 engine available to put in it.
    Don't want to lose my rego etc so I decided to do the right thing and research and then consult Vic roads before starting.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but the vehicle standards for modification state that the engine modification does not require certification if the engine replacement is a manufactures option.
    As far as I've worked out the chassis is the same. Neither came with airbags and as both cars in my drive way are stock and neither has an airbag in sight and the brakes are identical down to the rust (not really rusting but you get my point) the engine should be right to swap.
    Checking the VSB 14 document found here:
    it pretty much says the exact same thing. If the upgraded engine had better brakes and safety then they also need to be applied, etc.

    So I talk to Vic roads and the guy pretty much ignored me from the get go and told me it was a bad idea and it would need to be engineer certified and "good luck finding an engineer".

    As I don't have the funds to engineer this I'm ready to just wreck whats left of the MR as its chassis is damaged, hence why its the donor car.

    Any suggestions as to how I continue? Am I missing something? Is the guy at Vicroads talking out his bottom?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong section to post this.

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    Go to a different branch?

    VicRoads staff are bureaucrats. If they don’t know how to deals with something, they stonewall.

    In their defence, they probably don’t get the training to handle this sort of thing.


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      the guy at vicroads is an office worker sitting behind a desk who most likely has no idea what your talking about, what those engine models are, what those car models are or anything else your talking about. He would only know what the legislation says and anything beyond that is beyond his understanding and its easier for him to just say no because if he says yes you can do it, and then it turns out it doesn't meet the guidelines and you go back to them if your in trouble and go 'hey, you told me this was ok' they'll be up shit creek pretty much. easier to ask for forgiveness than permission when it comes to things like this i've always found

      If their the same base vehicle and it was offered as an option, then your good to go. A lot of people are scared of engineers because they hear the word 'Engineers approval' and suddenly think their going to have to spend 10k to get the car signed off. Its not as difficult as people seem to think. Basically the engineer is going to want to see that you've done the engine swap properly and used proper mounting, fuel lines are secure with no chance of leaks, everything is lined up and securely mounted and that its all just been done to a satisfactory standard. A big on is making sure the brakes are up to handling the increased power. Get some official figures for the power ratings of both engines from a mitsu website and if the power is only a marginal increase or the brakes are the same between both cars or you've already upgraded them with bigger rotors and calipers and better pads then you'll probably be fine.

      But i'm fairly certain you won't need to worry about engineering because your simply transfering a different engine from the same model into your car. As far as i can see that meets the guidelines and you should be good to go. Id say do it, get the swap done and running and all hunky dorry and then take it to to transport, fill out the paperwork and whatever else and if they say anything about having to upgrade anything else then you can do that after. I did a similar thing when i swapped a 2L-T diesel into a hilux to replace the 2L that was in there and i don't think i even had to get a mod plate for it because it meets the guidelines.