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Using/Upgrading a automatic transmission.

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  • Using/Upgrading a automatic transmission.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a 96 Camry V6 I have been planning on turning into a sleeper for the longest time ever (Don't try and talk me out of it). With this in mind. I want to keep the car looking as stock as possible and sounding. Sound-wise I will just use a variable exhaust system to be able to muffle it when driving normally and then opening up the flood gates for when I need the power. But I want to keep the exterior as stock as possible. Currently, its got an automatic transmission. I understand how manual transmissions work and all but Not to that great of an extent. I know there is more to it. I understand that transmissions are rated for torque and the amount of torque they can withstand. What I don't know is if it is possible to upgrade automatic transmissions and if not what do I have to either swap it with a manual one or get an upgraded automatic transmission. I am taking this project one step at a time and doing as much research as I can before I start investing so more of these posts to come.

    Thank you to everyone for the help.

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    Your best place to start would be to talk to a local transmission specialist. There are ways to strengthen an automatic gearbox, but it very much depends on what it is and how much support there is for it. A transmission specialist will be able to tell you. If you wanted a car that is fun to drive in the twistie stuff, then personally I would opt for a manual transmission swap instead. Once again a specialist could help you, or there should be guides online with a bit of googling.
    The Camry V6 I think is a good unique base, it should be an interesting build.