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how expensive is insurance for K swapped civic?

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  • how expensive is insurance for K swapped civic?


    Always wondered, how much usually is comprehensive insurance for a k20a2 swapped ek1 civic for a 30 - 40 year old male with clean history?

    Also can you negotiate the agreed value to how much it cost to do the swap aswell?


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    To cut it short you will find more information if you will contact an insurance agency. They will be able to help you and to provide to you the most reasonable insurance package for you. I spoke to a lot of insurance agency and at the most of them I had the different kind of information and promotions that I could get. You better seek for information and prepare yourself, make sure that you had studied the most of the questions you can have and ask for the detailed information to provide. You can start from this article and you will find a lot of useful information here, so you will be well prepared
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      Yep, Xivensy is absolutely right. You can just call in a few random insurance companies and ask them for this information.