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Some small mods to make my ride more comfortable

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  • Some small mods to make my ride more comfortable

    I drive a 2017 Elantra, and before you laugh, I know, they’re not very modable, I made a dumb purchase as a teen and not in the best stance to get the car I actually want, so for now, I was wondering if there was anyway that I could get some mirrors that were like heated, and some other conscience features such as that. I don’t know where to look right now

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    We don't get that car here. But it can't be to hard to fit some parts to it from higher spec models like mirrors, heated seats or stuff like that. Wiring looms are usually the same on every range of car to save manufacturing costs so it might simply be a case of replace seat and plug in the right connectors.

    On most cars we get here it does need to be coded to the central computer of the car though, I dunno how that works on an Elantra or what you'd need for that. Google might be able to help you with that, maybe there's a Kia forum somewhere?

    As for purchasing parts, check Ebay, local wreckingyards for any Elantra with good parts, or if you have the cash, buy new at a dealership.


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      I just wanted reassurance that what I want to do isn’t impossible. You’ve given me hope. I’ll look into it. My fuse box has connectors for heated seats/mirrors etc, so I know it’s possible. I’ll tackle everything one step at a time. Perhaps I’ll get the dealership to answer some questions too


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        Hi there,

        I'm sure the Elantra is a decent enough car, and it's almost brand new so at least you won't be fighting seized and rusted bolts!! If you haven't already then get yourself a repair manual of some kind for it, that'll be of great help whatever job you try your hand at.

        A quick google got me to this link:

        I have no idea how good it is, but the usual suspects like Haynes, Chilton etc don't seem to have a repair manual for your generation Elantra just yet.

        As for modding your Elantra you can always take inspiration from this one!