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What's your car bucketlist?

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    Originally posted by Foxhound31B View Post
    Peugeot 106 Rallye
    GAZ-24 Volga
    And the expensive one
    Renault Alpine... Any model, they're all beautiful

    Speaking of the Twingo, yeah, it's far from being the most comfortable car out there, especially for longer trips. But that was a cheap and reliable (for its price) car that did find its place everywhere, and its unusual looks make it rememberable; who knows, maybe in 30 years, it'll be seen like the Citroën 2CV of the 2000s...
    Buy a Rallye now while they're still reasonable price.

    "Collectors" are starting pushing the prices up on them!

    the 469 is cool, I've heard they're super uncomfortable though.

    Not sure what I'd buy for my dream cars, I've already got a 1994 106 Rallye and an E Type.

    Oh yeah and my Suzuki SJ30 I've just imported I guess the dream would be to have it absolutely mint condition
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

    Project Diesel Tune:

    My new Daily HA36S Alto Works

    Martin's Kei to success


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      If this list, for me anyways, is to be realistic then I would have to say my ‘87 Porsche 944S and some type of an old Chevy.


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        Im going to be building my imported evo to 500+ horsepower and im going to widebody a car... eventually


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          I am happy with mine, but at some time I want to have an

          Impreza G3 WRX STI,
          a Toyota GT86 again

          and basically: any car I can get! (I love all of them, except maybe a Fiat Multipla... well thinking about it I'd even like to mod that one)


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            I bought a car not on my list and not something I thought I would ever own. I remember even claiming I would never own an Volkswagen Group product ever.

            But I bought a 2015 Seat Leon, same overall layout as a mk7 Golf


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              Originally posted by TheCaptain View Post
              I bought a car not on my list and not something I thought I would ever own. I remember even claiming I would never own an Volkswagen Group product ever.

              But I bought a 2015 Seat Leon, same overall layout as a mk7 Golf
              The 2020 model or the third generation?


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                Originally posted by Kullman View Post

                The 2020 model or the third generation?
                Like I said, 2015 model

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                  I’m not sure how realistic these are with COVID tax but here we go
                  - Silvia S15
                  - E series GTS
                  - XR6T FG falcon
                  - Toyota 86
                  - TD42 Nissan patrol


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                    Covid tax? What?


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                      Originally posted by TheCaptain View Post
                      Covid tax? What?
                      It is just a made up thing referring to how the prices of most used cars have gone up because of corona


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                        Purely for looks:
                        1976 Toyota Corolla
                        1976 Toyota Celica
                        Scion tC (lemon-yellow)

                        1979 Corvette ZR1
                        Corvette C8
                        Subaru BRZ
                        Lotus (any)

                        Never Gonna happen:
                        Ford GT-40

                        To DO:
                        Lap the Nurburgring a few
                        Lap the Le Mans a few
                        24 Hours of Lemons?
                        Actually race some?


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                          My list of dream cars is way to long to be able to afford, A lot of the cars. I enjoy are not super expensive, but are expensive to own or modify .... I used to think like this all the time making lists of cars to own , but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to think more along the lines of what I need and want to do with cars ... I’m lucky enough to have the space and skills to own multiple cars at once .... but my list , or my goals are use oriented , and less define by a make and model .... under each of the slots I could have lots and lost of different cars I like and enjoy but this is my current list and the cars I currently fill the slots with ...

                          1. “project car” aka my long term keeper car , in this case it’s my ex drift car , the car I learned how to drift with used as my daily , and a car I want to keep forever , it’s street legal and will primarily go to car shows and weekend drives , with a single drift run every once and awhile .. s13-Vert-rb20det

                          2. “drift car”. Currently a 2005 mustang Gt Drift car for use at the track only.

                          3. “daily” Currently a 2013 mustang V6 Nice daily driver driven every day most of the year , nice enough to go to car shows , but not so nice I can’t park it at Wally World .

                          4. “Rig” Currently a 2003 1 ton box truck and trailer For moving the drift car and other “truck” related work.

                          5. “winter car” Currently a old Audi 80. Unfortunately in Vermont if you use you daily in winter it rusts to death in a few years , so I have found it’s smarter to buy a car that you know will eventually die then kill a car you like and invest your time and money into.

                          so for me other then the “project car” the rest of those slots could easily be filled with a bunch of other cars I like and would enjoy owning .. and I’m lucky enough to have space I could have more then 5 cars , but it’s not space or the cost of the cars that stop me , It’s the cost in time and mods and upkeep ... I barely have time for the cars I have now , and the cars I have now are pretty cheep and easy to work on (besides the Audi)

                          id love to replace the mustangs with some 80’s 90’s rwd Toyota’s or Nissans, I’d love to have a nicer tow rig , I’m going to be replacing the Audi with something RWD soon .... but for the most part I’m happy , because I can do what I want , and that’s what’s important to me , I can go drifting , I can go to car shows , I can go ice raceing , I can go to a autox , or I can go for a 1000 mile drive ..... when I want to in cars I enjoy . Win .