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Moving a car (Marty or Moog advise me pls?)

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  • Moving a car (Marty or Moog advise me pls?)

    If Moog or Marty can see this, I hope you guys will be able to shed some light.

    I am moving states for a job and I have a 2012 lancer that I want to bring with me. Since I am moving from Brisbane to Western Australia, I don't think driving there would be wise, thus I am considering shipping the car away.

    How should I look for a reliable company, so my car don't end up being stolen and how should I organise a pick up for the vehicle once it has reached my desired address? I see Marty and Moog bring a lot of their cars across Australia, so I know there must be a way of doing it?

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    All the major players will complete quotes for you to transport a car from Brisbane to Perth or where ever you like. It will be immensely cheaper to do depot to depot which is what I did when I bought a car from Brisbane and had it shipped to Melbourne via freight train.

    Drop the car off, fly over and a few days later you'll get the car and if you are like me with a dead and damaged battery. Disconnect it if you can.


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      I used these guys to move my new STI, all good.

      Think coast to coast you're looking at $1.5K, cheaper if depot to depot, as mentioned above/


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        All I can think about is an neat roadtrip, but that's just me