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Painting your Car

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  • Painting your Car

    Im curious , i need to do a full repaint of my car but don't have a air compressor and gear. I was in bunnings and saw they had a electric paint sprayer for only $50. My friend said it would work for painting my car too. So what im asking is for advice. Do you think it could do a better job then spray painting my car using cans and has anyone had any experience using the electric sprayer or should i wait a few months until i can save for a air compressor.

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    Nope, those sprayers you've found are 1. likely for water based paints, like you'd use on houses. and 2., spraying with extremely BIG droplets.
    It might work to do your car, IF you're doing a single stage acrylic and spend a week with some 800 grit cutting it back; but it's just not worth the effort.

    Save up for this:
    Origin Air 3.0HP V-Twin 220LPM Compressor

    You'll never regret having a compressor. This is the most powerful compressor you'll find, without going belt driven (more expensive) and without needing a 15A power socket in your house.

    Cheap SCA sprayguns after that will do fine.

    You want to AVOID HVLP spray guns, because even though they're low pressure (LP) a household compressor has a hard time keeping up with the HV (High Velocity) of air needed. You're better with a 'conventional' gun (Medium on both).

    However, if you're not spraying metallic, then even if you get a HVLP gun, you can pause between panels for a minute to let the compressor catch up.


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      Thanks for the tip , i ended up splurging and i bought a 240LPM Compressor from supercheap auto and repainted my car orange and black. I'll upload some pics once its dryed and i remove the paper.


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        Originally posted by Steve0 View Post
        Thanks for the tip , i ended up splurging and i bought a 240LPM Compressor from supercheap auto
        Wait What? Did you go belt driven? How did you get above 220LPM? I can't find a model in their store.


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          sorry my mistake i ended up getting the Blackridge Air Compressor Direct Drive 2.5HP 140LPM from supercheap. The car turned out alright except for a small part that i will buff out in 5 days when i give the car enough time to fully set. i tired to upload photos but i reached a quota and couldnt upload any images i removed all the images and tried to upload just 3 but it still says i dont have enough space to upload my photos so i think i need to wait for another day to upload images



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            All good; keen to see
            140LPM sounds more like it (though you can see why I recommended the model I did....).
            Glad it worked out either way!!!!

            Setting time? So Acrylic?
            Modern 2k is ready to cut imperfections in hours, not days. No bodyshop doing smash repairs is waiting 5 days to finish a job :P