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So you want to go fast do ya !

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    Originally posted by Master_Scythe View Post

    Thats my way of looking at it, yep.
    If $70 will send you broke, fair enough; but if you're well enough off that $70 is achievable, a high flow cat has no downsides.
    I guess if you're playing the "1hp matters" dyno game, perhaps, but nothing real world.
    It's not about money. I just don't care enough to spend even that money on something I don't feel any need to have.
    I would consider using something like that, if law requires my old POS cars to have one, but as long as those have quite free emission standards i'm not going to buy one.
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      See, since I'm in Australia, dislike sunburn, and like sea creatures, I certainly do "feel any need to have" an Ozone above me.
      My options are:
      1. Drive my car, hurt the planet, have $70
      2. Drive my car, not hurt the planet (much), not have $70.
      It's a personal morals thing, but for me, it's a no-brainer.
      Everyones view and morals regarding The Self vs The Whole will vary.

      As I said, I'm not the boss of anyone, do as you feel is best for your world view.
      I'm considering kids at some point, so my world\time view has broadened recently; which won't be the same for everyone.
      To each their own