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Why are so few people buying vellfire in Europe and America?

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  • Why are so few people buying vellfire in Europe and America?

    To be honest, for those families who have many children, the MPV should be their best choice. Asia market has a high demand for these luxurious minivans. They are not your typical Sienna, these Vellfire/Alphard comes equipped with a lot of luxurious equipment.

    The footrest can come up, and the seatback can decline to lay flat. We call these airplane seats. The front passenger seats have the same feather as well.Also, to improve the driving stability, I installed wheel spacers on it.
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    Hey mate,

    I've edited your post, there's a company 'bonoss' who has been spamming our forum recently.
    We've had 3 different people make posts on a completely different topic (and I'm only 1 mod, there could be more handled by the other mods), then just happen to 'drop' that brand name.
    They then create back-links (which would in turn improve their google result).

    If people want to sponsor the show or buy advertising space on the forum, they should talk to MightyCarMods in an official manner please.

    Happy for you to discuss minivans and luxury people movers, but links back to that company in any way will result in a suspension from here out.
    If you have friends on this forum who also use them, it applies to them also.

    No need to leave, everyone's still welcome, just be aware you don't accidentally advertise them please, we're not here to promote any specific brand.


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      Why big SUVs doesn't sell too well in Europe?

      Because most of our road lanes aren't wide enough to drive them safely.


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        I guess the reason is simple. Toyota doesn't offer them on the EUDM. And I guess their market researchers know how to do their job.
        In my experience, the people who buy vans are parents that haul kids around, and kids are not known to keep cars clean. So getting a luxury van is a) not practical and b) wasted money that you need as a parent.
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