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How suitable for offroading really would a kei truck like Marty's be?

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  • How suitable for offroading really would a kei truck like Marty's be?

    I'm inspired since watching the feature film today to buy a kei truck, and try off roading lol. I've always liked kei vehicles but..
    How suitable for offroading would it really be?
    - there is overhang, with the wheel being right beneath the driver so thats probably a negative
    - but for me the big negative would be that the engine is beneath the driver, low down, which exposes fuse box and other electrical stuff etc to water.

    Is it really that bad? My knowledge of offroading is very limited and i've literally watched a handful of youtube videos on the topic lol, one where the reviewer discredited the vw amarok for having vital electrical components down low such as the alternator and no hi/lo for instance.

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    Cab over Engine isn't the end of the world, but there's a difference between offroading, and 4x4ing.

    You want to go down the unpaved roads at your local bushland? Absolutely fine.
    You want to wade through 4 foot water? Probably not.

    Things like fuse boxes getting wet isn't as big of a deal as you think, they're usually upright, so will exist in a 'bubble' inside their plastic housing, but if you star rocking the car, bloop, and away goes the bubble.'

    Also, obviously, the smaller the wheel base, the more likely an obstacle is to tip you.

    I have been 'proper' 4x4ing in a Daihatsu Rocky though; it went OK.


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      low down engine makes it stable, big heavy tip tray doesn't... they go pretty well even with stock wheels, not a go-anywhere vehicle but still very useful
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        Driving it on a dirt/muddy road yes. But do more then that I think the lack of weight limits the traction you can get and also lack of power


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          I kinda wish I had bought a Subaru Sambar. the TT2 is AMAZING. some have got a low gear below first, in addition to that they also have low box and diff lock. I think a front locker was an extra too. serious piece of kit for so little money.

          also, rear engine rwd, so it's basically a Porsche. Unusual for most kei vehicles, it's a 4 cylinder 660, instead of the usual 3 and some are supercharged! HOONKKKWWWWheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

          Kei trucks are aimed primarily at farmers, so their purpose is for getting across fields and driving dirt roads/snowy mountain passes etc.

          As pointed out, if you want to go wading in water (and as seen when Marty took his and had to make a snorkel) you'll want something higher, like a Jimny. I've not had mine in water yet, only deeps snow.

          Here in the UK, we had "kei" trucks called Piaggio Porter (they're Daihatsus) but fitted with a diesel engine. They can work submerged as long as the intake is above the water. I know this first hand and I got my feet wet driving across a ford with it.
          I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

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