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Mods Marty Must do to the K Truck!

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  • Mods Marty Must do to the K Truck!

    Was browsing youtube and this video popped up. It's a fantastic micro camper. With Marty having a digger he could lift the camper unit on and off the back when required!

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    I wish I had the confidence to do that.
    That's an amazing life.

    if I had enough health to be able to live that small, I would be.
    Right now I need a lab each morning just to make my damn eyes work.
    Opinions on Everything!
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      Looks pretty cool it has to be said. Couldn’t be insured as a camper obviously as it meets pretty much none of the regulations for a camper, but that’s not the point with it I assume. Ideal for someone who likes to travel light and alone.


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        camper version are awesome! usually have the lighter trays as the tipping setup is kinda heavy
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