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Bugeye Headlight Upgrade

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  • Master_Scythe
    Osram Night Breakers are the 'best' bulbs you can get that are ADR, unless you want to pay $100+ for philips (you don't).

    Something that suits subies quite well thanks to their rally heritage is 'number plate light bars'; just mini versions of roof light bars, designed to go above your number plate. Makes a HUGE difference; hook it up via a relay to the high-beams.

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  • Pl8e
    started a topic Bugeye Headlight Upgrade

    Bugeye Headlight Upgrade

    Hi all,

    I am wanting to upgrade the headlights in my bugeye WRX and want to get your opinion on what would be best. The headlights have to comply with the Australian standards.

    It currently has aftermarket angel eye Headlights in it that are stuffed. The previous owner has obviously put higher wattage bulbs in and melted the headlight casing. I've changed the bulbs to brighter ones but the visibility is still shit. Look forward to your recommendations.