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Intercooler water spray video.

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  • Intercooler water spray video.

    Hey Guys,

    Just watched the video on super budget intercooler water spray.

    Got me thinking if you could go max budget and modify the window washer to spray the intercooler? Which would give you everything setup already and just need to move the hose under the hood to another spray nosel.

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    Absolutely, and it's done often.
    In fact AutoSpeed have a REALLY good article from 2012 which covers some cheap and effective parts for just that mod

    The best trick, is to find a washer bottle with a REAR window washer motor, so your windscreen wiper washers still work.
    Extremely common trick in subaru world when you don't have an STI with it's own independent cooler spray.

    If you give it a go, be sure to show us what you come up with