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Wheel Nuts Coming loose

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  • Wheel Nuts Coming loose

    I have recently gotten my wheels painted and I noticed the driver (front right) wheel's wheel nuts are coming loose occassionally.
    I torque it down to 112Nm with a torque wrench every 2 week or so.

    I notice it's mainly the right hand side of the car that's doing that. The rear right is not bad, very minute movements but the front right definitely has come loose. Not that I can turn circles before it "clicks" on the torque wrench but a noticable turn when I re-torque it every 2 week or so. I do travel a lot, sometimes up to 1000km a week sometimes. Temperature varies from say 3 to 21 degrees.

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    This is usually a mismatch between the nut type, and the seat type on the wheel.

    Often the wheel is a taper seat, which look like this V and the wheel nut is more of an acorn type, which seats like more like U


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      That is very strange, they are the factory nuts. They painted it as well which is odd I guess, but it's the factory nut


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        I worked at a wheel restoration factory for half a year until August and we drilled out the overspray from where the nuts on the wheel sit with a small steel brush on the electric screwdriver. This might be the issue. Other than that, we removed overspray from the back of the rim, where the wheel connects to the brake disc with a sander.

        So: Has the paint from said places been removed?

        If that's the case you might check if the back of the rim (where it connects to the brake disc) and see if it has been sanded well. If it is sanded unevenly it might cause some imbalance as well which might losen the nuts.

        Alternative solutions you might check:
        1. Change places of the wheels and drive. You will see if the wheels are the problem or something else. Also interchange the nuts. Remember (better number and write down) where you put the wheel nuts. You can check whether the nuts are the problem or not.

        2. Torque them with said 112 Nm and go fast, if there is some wheel imbalance (uneven sanding or left paint on the rear of the rim) you will feel imbalance (wobble wobble). This might occur, but not necessarily.

        3. Torque them harder, are they aluminium rims? They usually can withstand 120-130 Nm, especially more robust ones. If you have any heavier car than a hatchback, small sedan or something, I'd opt for more.

        I hope I could help a little!