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Van racking system for a VW T6 california 2.0 TDI

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  • Van racking system for a VW T6 california 2.0 TDI

    Hi guys,
    I need your help. I am a janitor and I recently bought a VW van for work.
    The van is really awesome, and I like having this much space for storing my tools.
    However, I damaged a couple of tools at work last week because I didn't store them properly.
    To prevent this from happening again, I need a good van racking system or something similar to store my stuff in a structured and safe way in the van.
    I have already researched on the internet and found this page: They have good reviews, but I can't really tell if they are good or not. Have you had any experience with them or any other company that offers good van racking systems?
    The price is not so important to me, but it is important that the quality is right and that I can use the van racking system for several years.
    If you guys have any recommendations, I would be really thankful