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  • Gsx1100g

    My Gsx1100g $500 didn't run right, died on me one cold day. I pulled the carbs, and with 20 dollars worth of an e clip and carb cleaner it did =D. If anybody has any questions feel free to ask. Next task is the front fork oil seals =) If anyone wants me to make video's of any part of the fixing feel free to ask me and i will try, I know that finding the right video's sometimes is hard and sometimes words don't work as well as somebody actually doing it in front of you. =)
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    Hey guy i have a big G as well it sure is a great bike! i have experienced the same carb issues. I now need new tires and probably a clutch which is understandable with 41K on the clock.


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      Surprisingly I have no clutch issues at all. That's strange my bike has 67K's on it but I will be syncing the carbs in a bit and fixing that leak out the front fork, but as for the clutch it may have been replaced, by the looks of it it hadn't had an easy life, so I'm slowly replacing leaks and rattles until once again she rides like new. =)